The Seething - Short Movie

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To make a scary, 5-min, professionally produced film - 2 youngsters lost in a wetlands landscape that incarnates their submerged traumas.

by Montmorency in

The challenge is to make a captivating professionally produced short film for a couple of thousand pounds

We also want to get you onto the closing credits. 

And you can make it happen and be part of supporting budding independent film-makers with empty pockets and a full imagination. We are a motley crew of film enthusiast and writers based in and around London and we want to show what can be achieved with ingenuity and positivity

The film will be in the great tradition of horror stories that give flesh and blood to some of the psychological and emotional monsters that seethe under the surface. 

It's about people who find themselves lost and alone in a vast wetlands wilderness, who need to overcome their own demons and rediscover their true family.

Let's get this short movie made! In the meantime I've put together a location mood piece to give you a flavour, with music by Angel Eyes.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Acknowledgement in closing credits

Your name in the acknowledgments at the end of the film, if it gets made

£20 or more

Special thanks award

Your name after Special thanks to, at the end of the movie, if it gets made

£150 or more

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Co-producer award

You will be listed as a co-producer if the film gets made

Let's make 'The Seething - Short Movie' happen