Educate a girl. Plant a seed to change the world.

That's a wrap!


Little Lelo's happy face


After 28 days & 102* backers, the campaign has come to an end with a final balance of an amazing £4,400!

Thank you so much to everyone who opened their hearts & their wallets to support our vision & help Lelo fulfil her dream.

I don't have a photo of Lelo's celebration face today, but if it's anything like 10 years ago, I imagine it might look a little bit like this!

She'll be buying her stationary tomorrow & – thanks to you – making her way back to boarding school on Sunday! She's got a busy term ahead... Not only with schoolwork, but with writing, painting & poetry! :-)

If for any reason you would not like to receive the reward you selected (or you would like it delivered to a different address) please email Otherwise, Lelo will be sending you something special soon!

Siyabonga kakhulu bosisi & bobhuti,
(Siswati for: We thank you very much, sisters & brothers)

Georgina-Kate & Lelo x


*6 people sent donations by other means

The end & the beginning


It always seems impossible until it is done - Nelson Mandela


Thanks to you – each & every one of you – at lunchtime yesterday WE HIT OUR TARGET!

We are both humbled beyond words... You are making Lelo's dreams come true!

Lelo and Georgie celebrating - The Seed crowdfunding

We may have come to the end of our mission, but this is just the beginning of a new chapter in Lelo's life. I've seen how much she has flourished at boarding school so far & I can't wait to see what transformation 2015 brings.

This is also the beginning of a new opportunity – to secure Lelo's future further. There's two more days of the campaign remaining & any further funds we can raise in that time will give us a great headstart towards keeping Lelo at school in 2016 too.

We've set a stretch target of £8,500, which would be enough to pay Lelo's school fees both this year and next (after which she'll be just one year from graduation! Hooray!)

Unlike the original target, we're guaranteed to receive any further funds raised :-) We're not expecting to reach £8,500 at this point (although anything's possible!)

However, every single pound we do raise will move Lelo one step closer to seeing her dreams become reality!

Together, we can plant a seed to change the world :-)

With sincere thanks, Georgina-Kate


The final countdown


Lelo and Georgie - The Seed Africa

Both the year & the crowdfunding campaign are fast approaching their end!

Thank you so much to the more than 50 of you who have pledged so far. Our philanthropic flashmob is growing!

With just 10 days remaining, we still have £1,615 to raise. If we don't make it, everyone gets their money back & Lelo can't go back to school in a fortnight... Let's not let that happen!

The Seed, Africa has always belonged to it's supporters. It's success is in your hands - & like hands in the soil you have the power to germinate beautiful results. But crucially, the project can only succeed if we all do it together.

- If you are yet to pledge to this year's campaign, please do. Whether £5 or £50, every donation makes a difference. (And with the exchange rate so good at the moment, your £ go a long way!)

- If you have already pledged, please email the campaign link to your friends, family & colleagues, telling them why you believe in our project and asking them to pledge what they can.

- If you can't make a financial pledge, make a vocal one! Post our video on your social networks & declare your support, show it to your boss, & help us get in front of as many people as possible.

Each of you are the water & the light which can make our seed blossom. You have the power to change Lelo's life.

Let's go be the sunshine!

With gratitude, Georgina-Kate

PS - For more updates from The Seed, follow the campaign on Facebook!

Thank you!


Lelo starting her new job

Wow. How blessed Lelo and I are!

Within 24 hours of launching the campaign we raised £1,165 (more than 25% of our target!) And that figure has since risen to £1,625!

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged so far. And to those of you pledging for the first time… Welcome to our philanthropic flashmob! :-)

We have received some beautiful words of support... It’s humbling to know our vision is being, not only understood, but embraced by so many!

Lelo & I don’t take any of this for granted. On Sunday we received no pledges at all – a sobering reminder of the challenge of crowdfunding.

We have made an amazing start. But unless we can expand our network and reach our full target, everyone will get their money back.

You can help ensure that doesn’t happen by:

1)     Sharing the video with colleagues, family or friends & encouraging them to pledge.

2)     Pledging as a Christmas gift for a loved one. (Their reward will be a New Year treat!)

3)     Putting The Seed on your Christmas list, in lieu of a Christmas present.

Lelo started her first ever job this week and is doing her best to ensure she stays in school next year! If we all do our bit, we can make it so.

Thank you so much again, from Lelo and I.