The Secret of Change

by ZoeMoyden in Bristol

We did it
On 1st December 2015 we successfully raised £7,019 with 84 supporters in 28 days

We're raising funds for our documentary series about Sustainable & Resilient Communities in UK and North America - The Secret Of Change.

by ZoeMoyden in Bristol

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Mt St Helens: A mention on our weekly campaign update on social media to say a huge thankyou for your contribution.

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£15 Reward

Three Sisters: Big love to you will go out in a personalised message on social media AND we will send you a digital frame from the documentary.

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£25 Reward

DVD Copy of The Secret of Change Series Available to UK, Canada and USA

£25 or more

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£25 Reward

*NEW* Mount Williamson: Premiere Day Access Perk Invitation to the Premiere of the Series, which includes reception, Q&A with Chris and Zoe and screening of full series in Bristol, UK, plus a copy of the series on DVD. LIMITED EDITION 100

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Mt Hood: Your chance to ask us anything! 20 minute skype chat where you can ask us about filming, which Transition projects visited, or even how we decided to make documentary in the first place.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

*NEW* Mount Jefferson: Soundtrack Access Access to Digital Download of The Secret of Change Original Soundtrack and The Secret of Change Series on DVD UNLIMITED

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Mt Columbia: Want to find out more about the documentary process? Pick this perk to send your Secret of Change questions to Chris and Zoe to be included in an Online Q&A Interview session, plus access to teaser material, limited edition digital frame and personalised message.

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£250 Reward

Mt Shasta: The educational package: An educational bundle for local film group viewings, schools and colleges. This includes a PDF educational pack, digital download of the complete series, a Skype Q&A with Chris and Zoe, access to teaser material, limited edition digital frame and personalised message.

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£400 Reward

Mt Adams: The On Stage Package: We will come and speak at your event or conference, be members on a panel or hold a mini-workshop or seminar at your event in the UK. You will also receive a digital download, access to teaser material and PDF Educational Pack.

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Mt Rainier: The Project Package: Have a project worth talking about? With this perk you will get a feature for your project or organisation on OWL Positive Broadcasting as well as a mention in the Secret of Change Credits. All this plus DVD Copy of the complete series and invitation to Premiere in UK OR a Skype session with Chris and Zoe.

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£1,000 Reward

Mt Whitney: THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER PACKAGE: With this perk you get a special mention in the credits of each episode as Executive Producer, DVD copy of the complete series, invitation to the Premiere (in the UK) OR Skype session with Chris & Zoe, 10 limited edition digital frames and access to teaser material.


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