The Secret of Change

by ZoeMoyden in Bristol

We did it
On 1st December 2015 we successfully raised £7,019 with 84 supporters in 28 days

We're raising funds for our documentary series about Sustainable & Resilient Communities in UK and North America - The Secret Of Change.

by ZoeMoyden in Bristol

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Emma Pineapple 30th November 2015

Big Up Secret of Change! The positivity that you put out into the universe will multiply when it returns to you. You set an excellent example for people who don't know how to create change. Blessings. One Love.

Alec Summersgill 29th November 2015

Keep up the great work both of you. Can't wait to see all your hard work in the public spotlight and I'm sure it will make a signicant difference to our thinking and positive change for our futures. I'd imagine many schools and university's would be very interested in this as a great example of sustainable futures. Great work again and wishing you both all the luck for its success from an old pal :)

ZoeMoyden 19th November 2015

Thanks so much to AntDotNet, Kevin McTiernan and Sandra Moyden for your wonderful comments and messages of Support. It's incredible to know that this project is striking a chord with people that are close to us and people who we are yet to meet and that is the aim of this project- we want The Secret of Change to be enjoyed by everyone and you are helping create this reality. THANK YOU!!

Sandra Moyden 19th November 2015

Your Grandad, your late Nan and Me have pledged and donated to this fantastic effort towards your project. Your Nan would of been so proud of you and I'm sure she's watching over you both. Keep up the good work. I am promoting your transition work to whoever will listen. I have sent a link to Bono's ONE foundation so together we can make a change!

Ant Flanagan 14th November 2015

Good luck with it... the world needs more people like you to capture all the stories that are making a difference... no doubt you will inspire others too :)

Kevin McTiernan 10th November 2015

I love what you guys are doing, but above all I appreciate the inspiration you provide by just doing what you're doing. A grand adventure! All the best <3

ZoeMoyden 9th November 2015

Thanks to Ben Sean Goodrum and Ladysmeader for your great words of support, it really means a lot! It's great to hear that The Secret of Change is already reaching Transition Groups we haven't met yet :)

Ladysmeader 7th November 2015

I have been working as a volunteer in Transition for about 8 years and believe in this approach to create positive change in our communities. Thank you so much for highlighting the Transition Movement and I look forward to watching your videos soon. Good luck from @suscred Sustainable Crediton and Charles Mossman

ZoeMoyden 6th November 2015

Thank You Susie and Natracare for the support- it truly is a privilege to have you behind us on The Secret Of Change journey!

ZoeMoyden 5th November 2015

Thanks to SeaDude, Tetti and BearlyAware for all of your kind comments, your support is appreciated so, so much and we are glad there are people who want to see the Secret of Change out there too!


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