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by HELP SAVE OUR SANCTUARY in Holmbury St. Mary, England, United Kingdom

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The Secret Garden Sanctuary for Vulnerable Adults & Children, Care Farm & Community Outside Space Caring for The Environment x

by HELP SAVE OUR SANCTUARY in Holmbury St. Mary, England, United Kingdom

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Fiona Sweeney 30th May 2020

It was lovely to visit today and see all the animals. Thank you to Lorraine and Maisie for showing us around! Kids loved the yard sale too!

Dawn Homer 21st May 2020

A small, yet sincere donation sent with love and hugs šŸ¦†šŸ¦‰šŸšŸšŸ“šŸ¦¢šŸ‡šŸ¦”šŸ–šŸ‘

Beryl Clifton 21st May 2020

I really am so very very sorry to hear your extremely sad news. What appalling psychopaths these dispicable evil humans must be. RIP dear gentle innocent souls.

Susan Maria Gilbody-Alleyne 21st May 2020

Heard about the horrible murders of some of your darling animals and had to help. Please don't give up you are doing a wonderful job. Please get more security to protect all the animals. I will be contacting you about volunteering. Love Suzy. xx

Ruth Hall 19th May 2020

Dear Hayley and staff, Claire forwarded your story, to me, how awful for you, hope our donation will help some , especially as Claire's eldest suffers with autism, and anxiety her best time ever was when she volunteered at another farm, so your work is very close to my heart as I know you make a difference to those that suffer. hope all goes well for you in the future. take care and stay safe x

Deborah Powell 18th May 2020

Absolutely šŸ’” and upset the local police have not taken this seriously with a seriously disturbed individual on the loose. Your service to those animals and the community is invaluable and I hope you make enough money to survive this ordeal and continue your wonderful work.

Jacqueline White 17th May 2020

Absolutely sickened by this evil act of cruelty. Stay strong. What you are doing is important and valuable. God bless you and the animals in your care. xx

David Wilson 17th May 2020

All the best. My disabled brother enjoys trips to farms like these. Such places mean a lot to the families of the disabled.

Sharon samani 17th May 2020

I hope this small donation helps you through after what has happened to your poor Uni ent animals. I am so sorry. There are many good people out there.

Louise Todd 17th May 2020

I hope people support the efforts to keep this animal sanctuary viable. The rescue and rehoming of animals is so worthy of our help.

Mandy Richards 17th May 2020

I hope people pledging money to your cause really helps your sanctuary to stay open, I was horrified to read what people are capable of what they've done to your poor animals it's disgusting and heartbreaking, good luck to you in the future I would love to come and visit your sanctuary when everything is open again, Mandy Richards x

Jennifer Hutton 16th May 2020

Heartbreaking to read about the recent attacks. Hope my small contribution helps you to continue your excellent work until you can reopen.

Jane Longley 16th May 2020

You are wonderful kind people, who are having to cope this horrific attack, my heart goes out you and the poor sweet animals so cruelly harmed, I hope your sanctuary can keep going


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