The Scriptorium Art Retreat House

To convert summerhouse and garden into a Retreat Centre, offering art, photography and calligraphy Retreats for individuals and small groups

We did it!

On 14th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £80 with 4 supporters in 34 days

2017 - The Year of Repurposing

  • At present, there is a large summerhouse at the bottom of my garden. It is in need of organisation. It also needs extending, in order to replace a storage shed, which is in the process of collapsing, to add a composting toilet and to increase the floor space.
  • The garden needs completing. This will include a bower for private contemplation, a circular paved area and raised bedding, to allow ease of access. The path needs extending up to the summer house and needs to be wide enough to allow access for wheelchairs or mobility scooters. A future aim is to provide a covered walkway from the side gate to the summer house.
  • The front gate needs widening for access purposes. A ramp needs to be installed to enable access to the front, side and back of the house, and the summerhouse.
  • Renewable energy sources with storage batteries, lighting and electrical power points will need to be installed into the summer house, possibly along with a water dispenser.
  • The summer house needs fitting with storage cupboards for all art materials, along with a drying rack.

The New Purpose

Once the material work is completed, the summer house will become the Scripturium Retreat House. I have just gained a qualification in Art Therapy and am accessing St. Alban's Diocese training sessions for people running retreats and quiet days. Retreats will be offered to individuals and small groups, using a variety of media.

Having the Retreat House in my garden will enable me to offer something more to the community, as well as being somewhere members of the Tertiary Order I am a member of, may visit and, possibly stay.


If you choose to crowfund this project, please e-mail me for the full picture catalogue of rewards. If nothing takes your fancy, please let me know and we can arrange something just for you.  Vouchers will be available for the sessions, 1/2 day and full day Retreats, as well as for courses of sessions, such as calligraphy and also Art Therapy.

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