The Roundhouse Project

The Roundhouse Project

Building a lifelong dream to educate, inform and connect with the lives of our ancestors through the experience of living as they did.

We did it!

On 24th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £142 with 8 supporters in 30 days

Project aim

Building a lifelong dream to educate, inform and connect with the lives of our ancestors through the experience of living, for a moment, as they did.

About the project

Could you imagine spending a night or a weekend in such a home free of the rat race, free of gadgets and all those things that drag you back to 'reality' the moment you start to relax and enjoy yourself? Could you imagine spending a week or more as part of a social experiment detoxifying and literally 'grounding' yourself.


I had the very real pleasure of staying in the above roundhouse sited at Bodrifty in Cornwall England for my 40th I swear one more night and I'd have gone totally feral :) It has always been a dream of mine to build such a monument to our shared past and when I found out that such a place had already been built my disappointment that I'd been beaten to it was tinged with anticipation for an excuse to go and stay there.

Unable to sleep as I watched the fire's light illuminating the beams and the fire fairies dancing and then extinguishing themselves, my dream was reinforced into a quest to make this a reality.


Land is an increasingly expensive 'commodity' and it is taking an absolute age raising the funds for the project. Not wishing to get into debt with the banks and risk loosing everything at a stroke of the keyboard of an impatient banker I was alerted to Crowdfunder as a possible means of finding the backing. An added benefit of not having debt overhanging a project is I will be able to offer this experience for a far cheaper cost than a similar bank funded project could, therefore making this opportunity within reach of a wider section of society who would otherwise miss out.


I work as a drystone waller and hard landscaper/builder I have the practical skills and adaptability needed to build this roundhouse. I also have a great range of friends and contacts with rural skills and the raw materials needed to make this construction a reality. Having these contacts and experience means that I can make the money go much further than someone requesting construction from an outside contractor. Therefore my plea for funding is for the purchase of the land firstly the more we can raise the larger and more ideal a piece of land we can achieve. Ideally set in an open valleyed location edged by woodland away from houses and with a stream running through, if anyone knows of or has such a location please make contact.


With further funding could come the possibility of the expansion of the single roundhouse idea into a multiple dwelling working village. Who knows where this can lead to.


Can this be achieved? I sincerely hope so. Not being the sort of chap who takes to charity and burden on others I will offer backers access to the project and the ability to help throughout its construction should you so wish. I will also upon completion welcome you to stay in the roundhouse with whatever you've donated plus the same amount again knocked off the price of staying. For example donate £20 I will knock £40 off the cost. Further I will offer free access to the nearest primary school for each new year of pupils when booked as part of an official school outing.


So please if you can give, no matter how small an amount (as long as you truly can afford to) you can help to achieve something that can literally change and improve someones life experience

Thank you

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