The Rose Between The Thorns

by Emily Crowson in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

The Rose Between The Thorns
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To make a 5-10 minute fiction drama programme for an assessed university project.

by Emily Crowson in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

‘Rose Between The Thorns’

10’ Fiction


One missing girl. Two grieving parents and one mystery man who claims to know the answer. Will he be able to solve their unanswered questions or is he looking for a conclusion himself?


Elisa had been missing now for a year. Minimal false sightings of the young girl have been reported since early December 2005 and no one in the quiet village of Southern knows how or why the seven year old has gone missing but rest assured, the mystery of not knowing is haunting her devastated parents daily. Her mother, Rachel was a free spirited individual, but after giving birth to her daughter at the age of 25, she believed she had finally been given her path in life through motherhood. Devout Christians, she had met her partner Steve (27) not long after she had left college and during a short three month whirlwind romance, they had got married a year before their daughter was born.

23rd January 2006, the couple are in the local church, alone together, praying that maybe one day they will see their now 7 year old again. An unknown man appears almost silently at the side of the pew where they are sitting. Abruptly, Rachel turns towards the man, who is in his early 60’s and he proceeds to tell them with intent that he has seen their daughter. Shocked and with questionable belief, Steve turns to the man and demands that he is telling the truth, however ignoring her husband, Rachel jumps up and starts to follow the man outside, through the graveyard and off down the street. The high street is busy at the time, hysterical and confused, Rachel believes she is seeing her daughter in every young girl who is walking past. She continues to follow this man with belief that he is leading her to her daughter. Steve meanwhile has arguable apprehension that his wife is taking this man’s word too lightly as he tries to keep up with the pair who are several paces in front of him. The trio end up in a vast expanse of parkland, which is familiar to Steve and Rachel as they had previously created a shrine here in a quiet corner to keep their daughters’ memory alive. Distracted by the realisation of the area, Rachel and Steve direct their attention back towards the man who has now made his way over to the otherside of the park. Struggling to keep up and bemused as to how he has managed to make his way so quickly, Steve abruptly stops dead in his tracks. Right there, hidden amongst the roses, a delicate pink hair tie. The exact one that Elisa had been wearing the day she went missing. A blood curdling scream erupts from the edge of the woodland which snaps Steve out of his isolated state. Stumbling down the dusty path towards the woods, Steve pants erratically as worrying thoughts enter his mind. As he catches a first glimpse of his wife, the cold harsh reality hits him. Rachel is knelt down, hysterically crying and thrashing at the ground in front of her. Steve looks beyond his wife to a small mound surrounded by planted thorns. ‘She’s the rose between the thorns’ the man whispered as he watched on, relishing in the couples grief.

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