The Romanian Dog Rescue Fund

by Alex Limb in Burgess Hill, England, United Kingdom

The Romanian Dog Rescue Fund
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We are a charity that rescues poor helpless animals from torture and pain and put them in a happy forever home. Thank you so much!

by Alex Limb in Burgess Hill, England, United Kingdom

Hi! I have been a huge animal lover all my life and seeing these poor beautiful dogs get stuffed into tiny cages with multiple dogs inside and just left to eat each other is so sad and makes me sick to my stomach seeing people hurt these innocent, beautiful dogs . Dogs our found by the dog catcher just wondering around Romanian land freezing cold and starving hungry and scared to death, then they are transferred to either the meat trade factories or death camps where they neutered without anaesthetic. This can't continue we need to do something to help rescue these amazing animals from being tortured and scared every day of their lives. The charity is called "Rommie Rescue" and me and my family have fostered and adopted many dogs from this organisation and all the dogs we've adopted and fostered were rescued from Romanian camps. This charity is an amazing organisation and the story of how they rescue the dogs go as followed... the owners and volunteers fly into Romania and  go to these death camps and meat trade factories and buy the dogs of whoever owns the slaughter house, or if the charity find dogs wondering the street cold,hungry,afraid and alone then they rescue those dogs as well. Then a picture is posted of all the individual dogs that are being rescued that week or month on the Rommie Rescue Facebook and Instagram page to show people that these dogs are coming to England and are up for adoption so it gives the chance for the public to see  if people can help foster or even better adopt. Once the dogs have been bought they are put in the back of a big air-conditioned van where they are fed and looked after by the team. Before the dogs come into England the dogs are taken to the vets for a check up and have there jabs done and checked to see if everything ok with them. Then the dogs are taken to the individual who has said they will foster until they can find the dog a forever home or they are taken to the adopters house where the dog will have its happy life it deserves. All houses are checked before fostering or adoption to check if it is suitable for the dog and questions are asked to the fosters or adopter to make sure they have the time and the facility's to look after these wonderful animals. The only way this charity makes any money is buy selling these dogs for under the normal price so the charity have to pay to fly to Romaina, buy the dogs, dog food, petrol, transport in and out the country and vet bills... this is extremely expensive but the people who run and help the charity are all volunteers and make no money out of this, all the money from selling the dogs go straight back into getting more dogs out of torturous environments. There has been a new rule put in place that the charity are only allowed to take a fewer number of dogs our the country than usual and for a higher price. So I think we need to start raising money for this incredible charity and help them rescue incredible animals from horrific and torturous environments that they are exposed to everyday of their lives. I cannot thank you enough for your support on helping this project and helping poor animals. I swear to you that every single penny will be transferred right back into Rommie Rescue to help them rescue more and more gorgeous animals every month. You don't realise how much this means to all of us, it's genuinely heart warming so thank you so much everyone you don't realise how much this helps and how much this means to us so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Lets come together and help end animal abuse... Thank you  


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

A Huge Huge Thank You!

We cannot thank you enough for your incredible kindness! You have just helped us get one step closer to saving these beautiful dogs from harm so thank you so much!!

£10 or more

A "Save the animals" Key ring

This is honestly so hubling that you have taken time and money to help resuce our best friends so thank you so much! In return we want to to send you a very nice save the animals key ring so that you can show of to everyone that you have saved animals lives! Thank you!

£25 or more

A "Save the animals" Thank you mug!

THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart! So we want to send you a very well made save the animals mug with cute dogs that we have rescued on it just for you so every time you go for a brew you can remind yourself that you are a hero!

£50 or more

A personalised pet pebble (Paw+Name)

This is my personal favourite gift and we want to give it to you for being such an amazing person in helping animals escape from torment and go into a forever home with kind and loving carers to look after them and love them forever! this gift is a gorgeously smooth rock (pretty big) with pay imprint and your animals name dog or not!

£100 or more

A personalised Family Print With Any Dog Breed

This is a gorgeous print of either one or two of your dogs drawn by professional artist with the surnames of your family in bunting hanging above the dog in multiple colours. This is so amazing that you have pledged this much to help our animals in need! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts thank you!!

£200 or more

Country Willow Basket Of Mini Bottles + more

This is honestly incredible thank you so much we can't thank you enough. You have helped massively in rescuing hundreds of dogs from immense pain and for that we are all eternally great full so thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts thank you so much you are a hero!

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