The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

by Land of Green Ginger in London, Greater London, England

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
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'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice', Park Theatre. Cartwright's 'northern showbiz fairytale' of a dysfunctional family and a reluctant star.

by Land of Green Ginger in London, Greater London, England

'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice', Park Theatre, 16 August - 15 September 2018. 

Cartwright's 'northern showbiz fairytale' of a dysfunctional family and a reluctant star.

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What are we trying to achieve?

We want our production of Little Voice to be one that taps into the vulnerability at the heart of the tale. A piece of theatre that will speak to every family who has ever felt hardship, dysfunction and the lure of ambition. 

LV is a young girl driven into reclusion, longing to be nurtured. She is representative of so much talent that is overlooked, under-represented and even abused.

It’s a Cinderella story and you could say we’re bringing it to the Cinderella of the arts: fringe theatre. It goes without saying that funding for non-commercial theatre is always in high demand and short supply. Though we already have some support, funding continues to be elusive – precarious even. Land of Green Ginger is a brand new theatre company staging this ambitious venture at The Park Theatre (a theatre which receives no public funding). So every little truly will help!

What makes our project great?

Here are just a few things that we believe will make our production of Little Voice truly great:

Comedy and heart in equal measure.

Singing. Lots of it. 

Strong female leads who are mother and daughter both onstage and off!

Divas. Big, brassy, old-school divas. Think Bassey, Garland, Cher.

A slice of the bygone Northern club and cabaret scene.

And we’re keeping it real - not just staging a Hollywood movie version.

All within the bustling community of the Park: “a neighbourhood theatre with global ambition”.

Who are we?

The team we’ve got on board pretty much go on to exemplify that question: what makes our project great?


Jim Cartwright – Lancashire-born dramatist, Jim’s prolific playwriting career includes Road (Samuel Beckett Award), Two (Manchester Evening News Best New Play Award) and The Rise and Fall of Little Voice (winner of the Evening Standard Best Comedy Award in 1992 and the 1993 Olivier Award for Best Comedy).


Tom Latter – Artistic Director of Sheer Drop New Writing Theatre Company and Scaffold. (Work at Theatre503, Southwark Playhouse, Tristan Bates Theatre, The Space, New Diorama, Old Red Lion and Offie-nominated for Dirty Promises, 2014).


Sally George & Rafaella Hutchinson – the first real-life mother-daughter pairing to play the roles of Mari and LV.

- Sally George (RSC, NT, extensive theatre, TV & film), most recently recipient of 3 Best Actress Awards for film Love Somehow, a one-woman film about the life of Caitlin, wife of poet Dylan Thomas.

- Rafaella created the role of series regular Olivia in Wild at Heart. (TV also incl. Life On Mars, New Tricks, Heartbeat, Fright Nights. Theatre - The Merry Wives of Windsor, RSC). Rafaella is also a singer-songwriter, currently in development with Swann.

- Kevin McMonagle (varied and extensive theatre & TV incl. various at National Theatre - People, Places and Things, Twelfth Night (RSC), New Tricks)

- Shaun Prendergast (extensive theatre, TV & film, incl. Great Expectations, Father Brown, Peterloo)

- Jamie-Rose Monk (Class Dismissed, Holby City, Holmes & Watson)

- Linford Johnson (Pinocchio, NT, Showboat, Alice’s Adventures Underground)


Jennifer Whyte is a highly sought-after musical director, conductor and pianist who has composed extensively for theatre, TV & film. (MD work incl. Follies, Avenue Q, Les Miserables)


Kate Plantin CDG (casting a wealth of projects across theatre, TV and film for over twenty years)


Jacob Hughes (Broad Shadow, National Theatre, Start Swimming, Young Vic, The Aeneid, Oxford Playhouse). Jacob has been nominated for Best Set Designer in the Off West End awards, Wales Theatre awards and has exhibited his work in the Society of British Theatre Designers exhibition Make:Believe. In 2016, he became the first recipient of the Max Rayne Design Bursary Award.


Anita Dobson! Need we say more?

Why have we decided to make this project happen?


A light entertainment bristling with glitz and glamour? 

Or a raw, deeply personal art-form that challenges us to confront the stark realities of life? 

Jim Cartwright’s Little Voice reminds us that truly brilliant theatre can do both of these things and more. All at once. In the very same play. And this is why we want to stage it for you.

The fusion of showbiz and grit is what has made Little Voice a perennial favourite among audiences since its first performance at the National Theatre in 1992.

A modern-day classic, this play has talent at its heart. The singing talents of Little Voice (LV) – young, gentle, withdrawn – lie untapped until someone decides to cash in.

Since it was written, a culture where talent = commodity has grown exponentially around the globe, following the decades-strong dominance of TV talent competitions. A world where family relationships are reduced to quick, digestible soundbytes before the ad breaks. Little Voice cuts through this culture to something infinitely more real. Chaotic. Gut-wrenching. Blisteringly funny.

And we’re bringing the broken realism of this play to the Park Theatre. This summer! In its triumphant five years, the Park has come to be a hub of talent, community and outreach from the warmth of its North London home. Please help us to continue the amazing work of this theatre by sharing our ‘northern fairytale’ with the local community and beyond.

How is the money being spent?

£9 800 is a portion of what it will cost to put on Little Voice for 3 weeks of rehearsals and 5 weeks of shows. Fortunately, we have already secured some key funding via other avenues. We are now asking for you to pledge purely towards our production costs to ensure that the show can reach the stage at its full potential.

This crowdfunding campaign has a meticulously considered target intended to cover the shortfall needed.

Please note: all actors, stage management and the production  team are being paid and their safety and payment are our utmost priority. This pie chart does not reflect the total budget; only the shortfall we currently face.


*Photography by Debbi Clark and Scarlett Casciello.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

The LV 4 Everyone

For all supporters who pledge £5 or more. Receive a custom-made Little Voice pin-badge upon request when seeing the show at Park Theatre.

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The LV Pin

Receive preview ticket, a special thank-you in our programme and a custom-made Little Voice pin-badge.

£250 or more

The LV Programme

Receive 2 tickets on your chosen date, a signed copy of the Little Voice programme, a special thank-you in our programme and a custom-made Little Voice pin-badge.

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Become one of our 'Angels' and receive an honourable credit in our programme, Press Night tickets, a signed programme and a custom-made Little Voice pin-badge.

£1,000 or more

The LV Song

Become one of our 'Angels' and receive an honourable credit in our programme, Press Night tickets, a signed programme and a custom-made Little Voice pin-badge. Rafaella will also call you up and sing any songs of your choice from the show!

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