The Retro Gallery - Free Gallery Space!

The Retro Gallery - Free Gallery Space!

To raise a one off sum to convert upstairs at The Retro Bar in the west end of London in to a functioning gallery space that's free to hire!

We did it!

On 19th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £155 with 16 supporters in 28 days

As a couple of artists surrounded by art folk living in London, we’ve all too often come across that age old problem preventing new artists from getting their work seen: The extortionate price of gallery space in Central London!

As part time staff at The Retro Bar we began eyeing up our lovely upstairs space and thought, ‘What a nice gallery this would make if we just added a few curtains, some spot lighting, and a hanging system!’

Then we hit the good old money problem again, this time though the bump felt a little more manageable: To transform the space all we need to raise is a one off sum of roughly £900 for materials and installation.

Once the space is up and running we hope to be able to play host to a variety of artists from all walks of life all across London and the UK for the grand price of absolutely sod all!*

So throw us your change, come to our fundraiser Retro Space Discoteque and let’s make this happen! For better visibility for the arts in London.


*Free to hire. We will charge commission on art sales to keep ourselves in bread and water. For this we’ll work on promotion, press, posters, and curation for each show.

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