The Remarkable Rocket - An Opera

Oscar Wilde's brilliant and remarkable tale of a hyper-sensitive firework, in a raucous and bombastic, new adaptation by Waste Paper Opera.

We did it!

On 24th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £1,558 of £1,500 target with 68 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Every penny you now give to us will allow us to organise more rehearsals, pay superb performers, invest in promotional material, be bolder and better! Oh and a small amount go towards the creators of this project, so we can feed ourselves while in London.

"If you’ve an interest in what we say and do, then it is what you make it, we’ll make it for you, but we’re a few pennies short of the perfect sum of money to showcase what we can become" - Catherine Wheel


What is it?

A brand new opera based on Oscar Wilde’s classic short story, The Remarkable Rocket.


When is it?

10th August 2016, 7 pm


Where is it?

Cubitt Sessions (Panarmonium), (Tête à Tête 2016), King’s Cross, London.


Who is it?

Waste Paper Opera Company

A Birmingham based opera company, founded in 2012. We specialise in humour, the clichés of opera, making old things new and collaboration with artists from different disciplines. 


Why is it?

Because ne’er hath there been an opera about an arrogant firework who wets himself with his own tears. Now there is one, and we are madly in love with it, and we want to show it to you.


What awaits you?

A show master from another world; a royal wedding; a piece of Oscar Wilde that has never been seen on stage; a Catherine Wheel with a broken heart; a bullying Bengal Light; Squibs: a pompous Roman Candle; AND the most sensitive Rocket the world has ever seen. Furthermore: three hundred years of opera history; voices that will tear your heart out; a bombastic ensemble; paper thin humans and fireworks with blood in their veins; a forest full of names; and unforeseen sounds; confetti.


But we need you!

We have so very little money for this, but a lot of passion!

We have secured a certain amount of money already towards the project but we’re not quite there yet. Help us to ensure that our brilliant performers get paid the money they deserve! Allow us to have more rehearsal time! Help us make our costumes breathtaking and our stage beautiful! Let our promotion material reach the furthest corner of the globe!


Come and see the show!

Please join us 10th August in London. And if you have a spare Pound, Euro or Dollar, please support us! We have a range of really great rewards on offer for any pledge!


Written and Directed by James Oldham and Klara Kofen

Music by James Oldham

Design by Klara Kofen

Musical Direction by Daniel Galbreath

Video and visuals by David Stanley 


Janet Forbes - Coloratura Soprano

Suzie Purkis - Mezzo-Soprano

Meili Li - Countertenor

Przemyslaw Baranek - Baritone

Dingle Yandell - Bass-Baritone


Jenny Wood - Oboe

Aaron Diaz - Trumpet

Richard Foote - Trombone

Euan Palmer - Drums

Paul Zaba - Accordion

Sarah Farmer - Violin

Daniel Galbreath - Viola

Sara Gale - Cello

“two stars at the moment, could be five…” - The Remarkable Rocket

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