The Remain Ticket

The Remain Ticket

To call on candidates in the snap election to do what they know is right & to support those who will commit to campaign to remain in the EU

We did it!

On 16th May 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

The Remain Ticket is a project that aims to help to put remaining as full members of the European Union back on the agenda in the snap election called by Theresa May.

 At present, although many MP's and potential candidates privately support remaining in the EU, none of the three major parties are committed to doing so.  All three supported invoking Article 50, and though both the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party are opposed to the so called hard-Brexit that the Conservatives and UKIP are currently putting at the centre of negotiations, none of them are proposing to withdraw Article 50.

 The Remain Ticket is a group campaigning to encourage MP's and candidates of all parties who believe in remaining full members of the EU to make a commitment to voting and campaigning in and outside Parliament for the withdrawal of Article 50, no matter what their party's official line is, and no matter what pressure the party whips may put on them to follow that line.

 Where there is no pro-remain candidate in a constituency, we will do our best to support and assist an independent pro-remain candidate to come forward and stand.

 We are looking for funding to help us in or efforts, most especially to finance publicity, lobbying and an advertising campaign to call on MP's to be true to their beliefs and to provide leadership to the country by standing for Remain.

 We also intend to promote a better understanding of what the EU does for us,  not just what we stand to lose by leaving, and to launch a direct campaign promoting positive reasons to Remain.

 Our initial target is to raise funds to use internet and social media, particularly internet advertising and boosted posts on Facebook and other social media, as a means of rapidly raising awareness of our campaign, of publicly calling on MP's to support it and of ourselves supporting those MP's who do so.  We favour this approach because we can set it up quickly (this started within hours of the announcement) and at low, and flexible cost.  We can produce advertisements and have them operational within hours of receiving a donation. 

 Should we manage to obtain a higher level of funding, we will go on to launch an advertising campaign using billboards, newspapers, radio or television.

 The group has a Facebook presence at,

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