The Redshift Writing Project

The Redshift Writing Project

Redshift is a new development enabling Dyslexic authors to get published and recognised in media where they have encountered challenges.

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The Redshift Writing Project


“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.”

Og Mandino

Who are Redshift?

Redshift has been founded with the vision to empower people who struggle with dyslexia to create and publish original, unique, and creative content in areas where they have traditionally struggled to gain exposure and success. We've first hand experience of the challenges Dyselxia can create, but we've also seen the incredible work that can be produced when these barriers are brought down.

Dyslexia challenges approximately 6% of the UK population and it has been a struggle for many of them to thrive within a text dominated business and educational framework.

Through our Writing Project, we seek to promote high-quality training and teaching models which will help to provide new experiences for those who seek to express themselves through literature and enable them through learning and support to achieve an equality that is not currently available to them within the publishing industry.

This exciting project will help to overcome these barriers and offer continuous support platforms and frameworks for people with Dyslexia, enabling them to have a literary voice, contribute their ideas, their stories and gain access into the world of publishing as a potential new career path.  We plan to facilitate potential writers in –

  • Keeping control: Help the writers to maintain complete creative control and own their own copyright with our non-exclusive agreement
  • Publishing easily -Use free tools to build and publish their work/book.
  • Getting to market fast – Distribute locally, nationally, or globally.
  • Earning royalties– Making sure the hard work of our clients are rewarded.
  • Contributingsuccess stories will be invited back to contribute to new tools being developed to help successive generations of writers.

Redshift values diversity and promotion of equal creative opportunity for anyone; no matter the challenges that person faces. There are great stories and creative works waiting to be developed and, starting with the Writing Project, we will help talented individuals from all walks of life to realise their goals and ambitions.

For our backers:

For us at Redshift, it's really important that our contributers have a chance to be involved with the project as we develop. For that reasons, we're planning the following:

  • The Logo Design Competition (£25+): Working with local artists, we want to send out designs for you, our backers, to vote for. The most popular one will become our new logo!
  • The Supporters Club (£50+): The Club is going to be an evolving rewards system. We get new ideas fed to us everyday and we're constantly evolving, so the rewards will keep getting better and better. To start with, you'll get 2 free books per year from our authors (your choice!) and 20% off any other purchases.
  • Book Launches and black tie events (£100+): We will be holding events to celebrate new launches and this will be your chance to come down and meet the authors. We also plan to hold a big reception to celebrate the year in new books, and this gets you and a plus one an invite!
  • Event Sponsorship (£500+): At this level, we will run a group session sponsored by you. Whether you want to send people you know, advertise your brand, or train your staff this will get you on the front page!
  • Partnership and Training (£1000+): Aimed primarily at companies (but if you're an individual, don't let it stop you!) a £1000 backing will get you a permanent place with us a Sponsoring Partner. This will include a permanent display on our website and the opportunity to work with us going forwards with a view to being involved with further events or suggesting candidates of your own.
    At £5000 we come to you. Part of what we are doing with Redshift is to develop training and teaching tools to help companies, education bodies, and private groups understand and work with Dyslexia more effectively. We bring those services to you and help you run your own events, set up the support systems you might need, and even start an internal search for publishing candidates!

So there you have it.

Redshift is an incredibly exciting new project and we hope you'll help us to make it a reality!

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