The Redemption of Harry Day Crowdfund

by Chris in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

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On 22nd July 2019 we successfully raised £700 with 8 supporters in 28 days

The Redemption of Harry Day is a haunting tale about a retired British spy with a dark secret.

by Chris in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

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£350 Actor Reward

Actor Reward! You will get a PART in the FILM specifically written for YOU! You will have lines to speak and you'll also be included as ASSOCIATE PRODUCER! You must reside in the UK or be prepared to travel to the UK at your own expense to be eligible for this reward. Join us today!

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£10 Reward

BIG THANKS! Thank You so much for your support! To show our gratitude we'll say a BIG THANKS across our large social media platforms! Grab it today.

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Special Final Credits Thank You! We really appreciate your support throughout the campaign. Your donations mean everything to us. As a special thank you, we'll include your NAME or BUSINESS NAME in the final credits! Claim it today.

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Opening Credits! You're Awesome! Because you've just made us feel all warm and fuzzy with your kind donation, we'll give you a special thank you mention in the opening credits of our film. Claim your reward!

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Poster Perk! Thank you once again for your wonderful support! For this perk, we'll send you the poster for our film! We'll post to any location in the world. Grab your poster perk today!

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£100 Name on Poster Reward

For this contribution, we will guarantee that YOUR NAME will be added to the official poster! We will also receive the poster! We'll send to any location in the world. Claim your perk!

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Are you an associate producer who is looking for another IMDB credit? Then take advantage of our ASSOCIATE PRODUCER perk. At this level, your name will appear in the final film as an associate producer. You'll also get that all-important IMDB credit. Claim your reward today!

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Featured Extra Reward!

You will be invited to the set and play a part in the final film alongside our named actors as a featured extra! You must reside in the UK or be able to travel to the UK to be eligible for this reward. We can't cover the cost of your travel or accommodation. Join the team today!

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Executive Producer Perk! You'll be one of only a few executive producers. Your name will appear in the final film as an executive producer! You'll also get that all-important IMBd Credit. Claim your reward!

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£400 CO-PRODUCER Reward

You'll be the ONLY CO-PRODUCER in our film! You'll be added to our IMBd! We'd love to have you with us!

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£500 Crowdfunding coaching Reward

You will receive two hours of crowdfunding coaching from the producer Chris Sanders. Chris has raised thousands of pounds from numerous crowdfunding sites over the years. He will give you the INSIDER SECRETS to running a SUCCESSFUL FILM crowdfunding campaign. Claim your reward and join the team!

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£Product Placement Reward

We will place your product in the film or in the final credits. Claim your reward!

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