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The Redemption of Harry Day is a haunting tale about a retired British spy with a dark secret.

by Chris in Leicester, England, United Kingdom


THE REDEMPTION OF HARRY DAY is a dark and haunting tale about a retired British spy who is tracked down by the daughter of a double agent he killed during the cold war. After years of searching for him, the daughter is now determined to confront Harry and look deep into the eyes of the man who killed her Mother! Claim your reward today and join the team!

We can't wait to show you how exciting this film project will be! Frank Jakeman, who appeared most recently in Game of Thrones, and Helena Mankowska, former stunt double for Mila Jovovich, will star in Chris Sanders' The Redemption of Harry Day, and you can be a part of our production! Claim your perk and join us!

We have some amazing rewards planned for contributors, including featured extra perks and a speaking role in the film. Thank you for your time and your generous contributions.

Meet the cast.

FRANK JAKEMAN is our lead actor! Frank recently appeared in the final scenes of GAME OF THRONES! Frank has also appeared in A VIEW TO A KILL, DEATH WISH 3 and many more. He is currently playing the lead in AD Lane's zombie horror film Invasion of the not quite dead. We welcome Frank to the team!

Frank starred opposite Hollywood legend Ernest Borgnine.

Our LEAD ACTOR! Frank recently appeared in the final scenes of Game of Thrones. He played a character named Lord Vale. 

Take a look at Frank's showreel! You could be our next featured extra alongside Frank. Claim the perk today and join the team! 

HELENA MANKOWSKA is our lead actress! Helena is a talented and experienced film actress. Helena is a keen martial arts fan and recently played stunt double to Mila Jovovich in the movie Paradise Hills. You could be acting alongside Helena. Claim the acting reward today and join us!

Helena is a talented and experienced screen actress. 

Take a look at Helena's showreel!

My first short horror film SHE SUMMONED HIM has now been accepted into major film festivals both nationally and internationally. Take a look. Chris will knock his latest film out of the park!

If you're reading this and you loved my first short horror film She Summoned Him, please consider supporting my work via Patreon. Patreon gives artists a sustainable monthly income. This means I can continue to write and direct my films. Take a look.

Meet the crew.

HARRY BAKER is a London-based editor and cinematographer. He is best known for The Swallow (2014), Troll (2016) and Borderline (2019). 

During his career, Harry has lensed dramas, documentaries, features and numerous short films. 

DAFYDD MANN is our sound recordist. Dafydd loves to work with sound, whether that be in production or in post. He's worked on various projects from features to corporate projects, horrors to drama.

He makes sure the dialogue and atmosphere are grounded before notching up the creativity, getting great results. 

CHRIS SANDERS is an actor, author, filmmaker and optioned screenwriter. His first novel The Thief’s Son became a Kindle bestseller in 2012. It was consequently read by Weiwei Si who worked as one of the assistant directors on Skyfall the James Bond film. They became close friends and collaborated on a screenplay about the world war two spy Robert Van Gulik. That project is still in development.  


Chris then went on to play twin gangsters in the independent thriller Agent Kelly which was shot in Andalucia, Spain in 2017 with Raya films.   Returning from the shoot, Chris started work on his own feature-length screenplay called Rojan.  Having always wanted to write and direct a horror film, Chris consequently penned the script for She Summoned Him during the summer of 2018. The film was consequently shot in December 2018.  


Chris has recently finished shooting his second short horror film, The Curse of La Quintrala. Chris is now hard at work on his third short film The Redemption of Harry Day.





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£350 Actor Reward

Actor Reward! You will get a PART in the FILM specifically written for YOU! You will have lines to speak and you'll also be included as ASSOCIATE PRODUCER! You must reside in the UK or be prepared to travel to the UK at your own expense to be eligible for this reward. Join us today!

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You will be invited to the set and play a part in the final film alongside our named actors as a featured extra! You must reside in the UK or be able to travel to the UK to be eligible for this reward. We can't cover the cost of your travel or accommodation. Join the team today!

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Executive Producer Perk! You'll be one of only a few executive producers. Your name will appear in the final film as an executive producer! You'll also get that all-important IMBd Credit. Claim your reward!

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You'll be the ONLY CO-PRODUCER in our film! You'll be added to our IMBd! We'd love to have you with us!

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£500 Crowdfunding coaching Reward

You will receive two hours of crowdfunding coaching from the producer Chris Sanders. Chris has raised thousands of pounds from numerous crowdfunding sites over the years. He will give you the INSIDER SECRETS to running a SUCCESSFUL FILM crowdfunding campaign. Claim your reward and join the team!

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