Radical Recruit - the Recruitment Revolution!

by Emma Freivogel in London, England, United Kingdom

Radical Recruit - the Recruitment Revolution!
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A not-for-profit social recruitment consultancy for people who experience multiple and complex disadvantage.

by Emma Freivogel in London, England, United Kingdom


Our vision is to radically change the fundamental nature of mainstream recruitment services so that every person has the opportunity to work, and become valued members of their community, regardless of their background and experience.

RADICAL RECRUIT is pioneering a recruitment revolution - a movement which excites, agitates and shakes things up within the recruitment industry. 

Video: Mikes, care leaver candidate and founding advisor to Radical Recruit talking about what Radical means to him.

We are an innovative social recruitment consultancy that employs a values led approach to sourcing talent. We represent those who are underrepresented in the labour market; working exclusively with disadvantaged candidates from marginalised communities including people who are; at risk of or currently homeless, ex-forces, from Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic groups, refugees, ex-offenders, care leavers, single parents and those with a disability.

RADICAL RECRUIT bridges the gap between this untapped pool of talent and the business world by providing seamless recruitment consultancy services to some of England’s biggest and most reputable employers. 

CASE STUDY: CHARDE (18 year old care leaver candidate)

Photo: Charde (18 year old care leaver) with our co-founder, Em

3 days after we met Charde, we opened up a Team Assistant role at the Blagrave Trust for her, supported her to redevelop her CV and apply for the job. She was shortlisted for an interview the same week. Although Charde didn't have have any formal work experience, we felt that she had loads of potential and many skills that were transferable into the world of work. The role was paying a starting salary of £25k and would provide Charde with opportunities to learn and develop in a sector which she is passionate about. Understandably, she was incredibly nervous! Several hours of interview preparation, some great conversation and one fish and chip dinner later ... she had harnessed her nerves and was ready to smash her interview.

Video: Charde, 18 year old care leaver candidate after a couple of hours of interview preparation for her first ever job interview

After two rounds of interviews, Charde was offered the job! Below is a photo of Charde and the Director of the Blagrave Trust, Jo. This was taken at her 6 week in-work support meeting. She's done brilliantly so far.


RADICAL RECRUIT supports candidates as they strive to make better lives for themselves and their families. We represent candidates who courageously take action to regain control of their futures.

CASE STUDY: MALCOLM (homeless candidate)

“What are all of those blue marks?’ I asked. ‘’They are the people who walk past me every day but don’t see me,” he replied.

Photo: Illustration by Malcolm titled 'Shake It Off'. 

This drawing comes from the sketchbook of our candidate Malcolm. He has an extensive collection of drawings but this one really stood out. It is an illustration of the stark reality that was his life. 

In 2010, Malcolm's father died unexpectedly. At the age of 26, Malcolm's world was turned upside down and inside out. In his grief he turned to alcohol and drugs to ease his pain. Malcolm has been homeless ever since. 

Photo (left to right): Bella (HR Legend @ Honest Burgers) and Radical Recruit candidates Malcolm and Jabockey. 

When we met Malcolm we discovered that he has a vast imagination, a clear gift for the arts and an interest in coding. Like most young men, we also discovered that he loves food! So we put Malcolm forward for a kitchen role at Honest Burgers. He attended his first interview in 9 years and was offered the job same day! We've also paired Malcolm up with a mentor (A CEO in the tech industry) who is helping him to start to think about his longer term career aspirations. 


CASE STUDY: ANDY (candidate with a disability)

Andy was born with a vision impairment. Despite this, he trained as a chef in his youth and since qualifying he has worked with some of the UK's best known chefs including Raymond Blanc, Richard Corrigan and Gordon Ramsay. He's also catered large events at some of London's most renowned venues such as the National Portrait Gallery, Ramsey's at Claridges, the Oxo Tower and Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons to name only a few. If that isn't impressive enough, he was also a lead Chef on the televised series of the BBC's 'Great British Menu' which celebrated and catered for the Queen's 80th birthday!

10 years ago Andy's eye condition deteriorated and his hospitality career ended. Andy was made redundant and nobody would employ him.

We met Andy 3 months ago and encouraged him to explore a return to his career in hospitality. Andy had been looking for a job for over 9 months after his last contract role finished. His confidence was low and he was convinced that he would never be able to work in the hospitality sector again. We worked with Andy to raise his confidence and redevelop his CV. We then marketed his CV to potential employers with a view to helping them see what we saw - huge potential.

Andy was invited to participate in the three part interview process of an Assistant Restaurant Manager role for a large high street brand. He starts his new job in January.

Photo: Andy placed within two months of registering with Radical Recruit.

RADICAL RECRUIT see's past the labels that society assigns people like Charde, Malcolm and Andy. Instead, we see their unique promise. We see their life experiences as skills and tools that cannot be learnt in the classroom, or on the job. We see their strength and resilience. We see their grit and determination. We work with employers to help them see what we see.

Video: Chanel, 27 care leaver & ex-offender candidate & Founding Advisor to Radical Recruit talking about life after prison.


£9,600 - will cover the cost of a 12 full day employability events which are designed to support our candidates to get work ready. These events are tailored to the group of individuals in attendance but will always include a combination of three two-hour workshops such as: CV Surgery, Staying Safe & Networking Online, Linked In For Beginners, Finding Your Voice (confidence building), Interview Techniques, Application Writing, Mock Interviews & Disclosing Your Conviction. Workshops are co-facilitated by a trainer with lived experience and include a nutritional lunch for candidates and volunteers. Funds raised will also enable Radical to provide financial support for candidates who cannot afford the cost of transport to get to and from our events. Over the course of the year, a minimum of 240 candidates will be supported by 240 volunteers. Funds raised will also cover the significant cost of venue hire.

Video: Our first employability event which hosted 12 candidates and 20 volunteers. At this event we did a CV surgery, networking session and practice interviews.

''Today was a hard day for me because I was really nervous about meeting the employers but I'm glad I came because I feel much more confident and hopeful about my future. They were tough but friendly at the same time and they really helped me to talk about what I am good at. I feel like I've been to so many of these events and courses through the job center but none have made me feel this positive about my future. I [also] got lots of good advice from the employers who I feel genuinely cared about me and the other candidates too. It was real fun - that string game and the numbers one was so jokes. I can't wait to get my feedback and start working on the things that I need to improve. Thanks so much for inviting me'' -  Formerly homeless, young care leaver candidate who attended our Radical employability event.

 £9,600 + $17,500 = £27,100 - will cover the cost of the the 12 employability events mentioned above plus the salary of a part time trainee recruitment consultant. It is our intention to recruit a young person who has lived experience of the challenges our people face. This role will be responsible for placing 20 young people like Charde as well as Ganoyat and Tia (pictured below) into their first Radical job!

Photo: Ganoyat (18 year old care leaver candidate) & Tia (25 year old care leaver and ex-offender candidate) 


We worked with Ganoyat to build her confidence, redevelop her CV, apply for jobs and get ready for interviews! She attended three interviews and accepted her second offer of employment, a front of house role for a contemporary burger chain in London. 


Tia has recently completed a shift at Interstate Hotels and Resorts to get some work experience under her belt. She got a rave review from the General Manager of the hotel, Robert who said he would be happy to endorse her application to work for the company!

We do not currently receive any funding to deliver our services. Everyone involved is volunteering their time and lending their skills to build this project from the ground up. 

We have set our fundraising goal to £27,100 however it is our hope that we will receive pledges for funds exceeding £27,100 and equal to an additional £17,500. If this occurs we commit to using these funds to recruit a second part time recruitment consultant trainee who will be responsible for placing 20 young people into their first Radical jobs over the course of a year. This would raise our projected placement count to 110 placements. 

Please give generously and help us change the world, one candidate and one job at a time!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5,000 or more

0 of 10 claimed

A Team Away Day in Prison & D,I&E Training!

Receive a half-day, interactive Diversity, Equality & Inclusion training + your logo on our website, a case study to share with your stakeholders + a Team Away Day in a London prison for you and up to 19 colleagues or members of your local community group. Great for corporate and community group donors who want to give more than money in support of our mission to help more ex-offenders (back) into work!

£100 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Become a Radical Volunteer!

Join in the fun at our Radical employability events by participating as a volunteer and supporting our Radicals to get work-ready. Hear about their progress after the event as they move towards the world of work.

£300 or more

0 of 30 claimed

Mentor a Radical Candidate!

Receive the relevant training (including safeguarding where appropriate) and be matched with one of our candidates whose career aspirations align with your professional experience, skills, and expertise. By joining the Recruitment Revolution you will have the opportunity to mentor one of our Radicals throughout the journey into the world of work – an incredibly rewarding experience

£500 or more

Joint PR Opportunity - Company Logo & Case Study

For pledges of £500 or more we will feature your company logo on our website and we will also provide you with a case study featuring one of the candidates which you and your company helped to place into work and which you can share with your stakeholders!

£800 or more

D,E&I Training with a Radical twist!

Receive a half-day Diversity, Equality & Inclusion workshop delivered by trainers with lived experience of homelessness, the criminal justice and/or care systems for you and 14 others (colleagues or members of your local community group). Our training is designed with a Radical twist and can’t be purchased elsewhere.

£3,000 or more

0 of 10 claimed

D,E&I Training & A Day in Prison!

Receive a half-day, interactive Diversity, Equality & Inclusion training delivered by trainers with lived experience of homelessness, the criminal justice and/or care systems for you and 7 others (colleagues or members of your local community group). Our training is designed with a Radical twist and can’t be purchased elsewhere. This training coupled includes a prison visit which will give you an intimate insight into life in custody.

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