The Real Israel

The Real Israel

A two hour documentary promoting worldwide awareness for terrorist activity against Israel & why the Media has turned its back on the Jews 

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Promoting worldwide awareness for terrorist activity against Israel and why the Media has turned its back on the Jews. 

Since 1948 Israel has been recognized by the world as a Jewish State. Over the past 34 years, I personally have made several visits to Israel, I have lived and worked side by side with both Jews and Arabs, and seen firsthand how the symbiosis of these people functions on a daily basis, mostly in harmony. However, as the world is aware this has not always been the case and the history of Israel,
its Arab neighbors and its Arabic minority population has been pock marked with eruptions of war and violence.

Jewish History:
Given the historical horrors inflicted upon the Jews by the Nazi’s during the second world war, Israel has understandably continued to live with a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards anyone who even looks as if they may attack Jews on any scale, be that personally, nationally or internationally. From the age of 18 I have witnessed both personally and through the media how unstable this has made daily life for the people of Israel. Firstly, let me be clear about one thing. I consider myself a friend of Israel and its people. I also consider myself a friend of the Arab population as well, be it on a personal basis or from many of the Arab countries. History clearly shows anyone who is interested to look and hear, that Jews have been attacked consistently by various people and countries time and again, be it on the streets or by invasion across borders. In response to this Israel has an army, which ironically they call the IDF - Israeli Defense Force, the word ‘defense’ being key, for Israel has had to defend itself and its citizens many, many times over the years. 

Israeli Modern History:
The Six Day War and Yom Kippur War are examples to any country foolish enough to think that they can simply threaten or plan an invasion of Israel. Egypt, Syria and Jordan all learned their lessons, suffering heavy loss of life in their unprovoked attacks, n comparison to Israel. My synopsis of this situation, put simply, is that if you live on a street with a grumpy dog in a garden at one end, and you intentionally gather a few friends together to taunt it, and poke it with a stick, it will eventually bite you, very hard, and probably not discriminate between you and/or all of your friends. This is very much how the situation stands with Israel: leave us alone and we will offer you the same courtesy in return. 

Now, that being said, the political situation has developed into a story being told of Israeli occupation of land which in actual fact was seized after being invaded and is used as a buffer to afford themselves protection from further attacks. They also continue to build towns on the land. Whether anyone agrees with what has happened here to me is somewhat irrelevant, had Israel not been attacked in the first place for doing nothing except minding its own business, the situation as it exists today would not have developed. Unfortunately, it has.

My visits to Israel:

Upon discussing the subject of Israel with various people over the last 34 years, its sovereignty and occupation of the West Bank etc. I have on more than one occasion been told by both Jews and Arabs that a resolution to the situation will never be found.

I have to say I disagree. I believe that the reason people believe there is no resolution is because they are not fully aware of the facts, and this is largely due to the unwillingness of the world’s media to report the situation accurately. 

On my last visit to Israel in 2015 attacks against Jews were on the increase, with Palestinian leaders and other key figures openly encouraging acts of terror on the streets. The reporting of such incidents were widely avoided by the world’s press and media, and the question one needs to ask is why? Is it because Israel is seen as a splinter in the skin of the Middle East? Does the rest of the world have too great of an investment in the ties with the prestigious and wealthy Arab countries? Is this a club where everyone backs each other up even when Israel retaliates after being attacked or threatened?

In my opinion, all of the above tend to be true.

My film proposal:

With my research so far I realize that no amount of discussion or research on the world wide web is going to bring about a balanced take on Israel and its constant battle against intimidation and terrorist acts.

My approach is one that takes me back to Israel where I can research and connect with people in the field who are at the heart of the pulse of Israeli daily life. By creating a documentary about my findings people will be able to receive the inside story of daily life and the survival of Israel. Never has a story been so desperate to be told with the true balance it deserves. I want to show the approach that Israel has to defending its people no matter what. Any drop of Jewish blood spilled will generate a response without fail. Take for example Operation Thunderbolt /Jonathan, a true life example of the grumpy dog at the end of the street.

Israel’s army is all about defense, not attack. It may indeed be a coiled spring since it has been forced to be one. I have never liked to see big people picking on little people, but as we all know this is life. The approach by the big kid to thump the little kid in the playground and recoiling in horror with a bloodied nose when the little kid makes a pre-emptive strike is where we are right now. It has to change.  My experience in Israel is that most people want to be left alone and to live a normal life: family, work, leisure and meaningful growth. Israel wants to be able to continue to develop its industrious, creative, scientific and artistic talent, which sits at the forefront of the world’s innovative capability, so that future generations can thrive and flourish in peace thereby benefiting from this prosperous social construct.

My intention is to film a two part, 2-hour documentary film featuring the country, its geographical diversity, its beauty, it’s history. I will include interviews with key people in government, the IDF, the Police Force, and the people who make up the regular population and whom I meet on the street. I want the true story to be broadcast so that viewers world-wide are exposed to the real issues that lie behind the media’s reluctance to report what is actually happening and the truth about life in Israel.