Performing The Real Girl at the Camden Fringe 2016

The Real Girl will play at the Tristan Bates as part of Camden Fringe 2016 in August, and we need your support to help us make it a success

We did it!

On 10th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £625 with 30 supporters in 28 days

The Real Girl - a one woman comedy, cabaret, performance  - will be running for five nights at the Tristan Bates as part of the Camden Fringe and we need your help to make it a success.


Who is Cherise Stefanie?

Cherise Stefanie is loud, vivacious, cuddly and as colourful as a box of crayons. She makes provocative work about people, sexuality, social inequality and the pursuit for happiness.

Cherise has been writing plays since 2006, and in 2015 she decided that she wanted to take to the stage herself and tell stories that are true and come from the horses mouth.


What is The Real Girl about?

The Real Girl in the hospital waiting room has one very vivid memory; of being seven years old and hiding in her bedroom cupboard because she didn't want to wear a dress and look like a girl in case all the little boys, who were her friends, made fun of her.

That is one of the very few things she can remember...because she has inexplicably forgotten almost everything else.

Now she's going to have to dig deep into her memories to try and answer two questions; how did she end up here, and why is she wearing a mask?


Why is this particular show important?

At Cherise Stefanie we make work because (sorry to sound so cheese balls in this part) we really do care about making a difference, about helping people, about providing opportunities for discussion around difficult subjects and about highlighting injustices. We hope to encourage other people to care about all these things too.

In The Real Girl we are asking the question 'How can I ever be happy with myself when I am always changing?'

We have created an entertaining, slightly bonkers, feel-good show that is not a dichotomy on the subject but an examination of the things that some people consider important to their own identity.


Who will enjoy it?

The Real Girl is a show for anyone who likes things that are messy and don't make a lot of sense because it is a show about life, and life is messy and doesn't always make sense, so therefore it really is for everyone.


Why should you help us?

This is the first time Cherise will have performed as a solo artist and we have secured a five night run at the most popular and sought after venue at the Camden Fringe, Tristan Bates. Our long term objective is to continue to make intimate, accessable performance work and reach as many new audiences as possible. 

The money we raise will help us to cover PR and Marketing that will help us connect with new venues and audience, venue hire, costume and design.

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