THE RAGE CAGE is a facility where you can UNLEASH your rage with bats, crowbars and hammers and not have to suffer any consequences!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Opening in Nottingham October 2016!

We are currently in the process of setting up the UK'S first RAGE CAGE!

We are looking for a small amount of funding to finish the project so have taken to crowd funding!!!! Each person that pledges will receive 50% off their first visit and be mentioned on our website!

If your a business looking to sponsor us please contact me to discuss how we can help one another!



Bad day at the office?
Other half giving you a hard time?
Kids driving you insane?

No matter what the reason even if you just fancy smashing stuff up The Rage Case is the answer.

Cost effective Anger Therapy!*
Unleash all your troubles in The Rage Cage!

-From £10 up. (1 person 15 minutes)
-Protective clothing and weaponry including baseball bats and crowbars
-A huge variety of items to UNLEASH your rage upon!

Have you ever got so frustrated that you've wanted to smash whatever object is infront of you!? Sure you could do that but then you'd have to repair it or spend money replacing it... At our facility we've got it all covered. Wether you've had a stressful week at work, fallen out with the other half or just fancy smashing some stuff up we have packages to suit all!

We supply you with protective clothing, give you a variety of weapons and items and your free to UNLEASH upon them!!!

Nothing of ours take your fancy? Got a box of junk lying around in the garage your mrs has been telling you to bin for weeks? Ex boyfriend left his playstation behind? Bring your own stuff to trash!