The Queue - A short film about falling in line.

by Joel Stokes in London, England, United Kingdom

The Queue - A short film about falling in line.
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by Joel Stokes in London, England, United Kingdom

Queuing. A long standing British tradition.

'The Queue' is a cautionary tale of the consequences of cutting in line. When Amy joins her friend at the front of a queue on the way into the theatre, she could never imagine the ripples of repercussion...

It often feels like the easy option to blend in, toe the line. This film taps into a primal fear in all of us of being singled out from the crowd. This is more relevant now than ever with the rise of social media platforms and algorithms designed to keep us in a political bubble; a feedback loop of like mindedness. Civilised and nuanced debate in the mainstream seems like a thing of the past, replaced instead with mud slinging and reactionary tweets and counter-tweets.

'The Queue' aims to lampoon the fervour of reactionary online outrage by putting the minor, yet common transgression of queue jumping at the centre of the storm. We have all either been a queue jumper, or witnessed queue jumping ourselves, usually leading to little more than a tut and an eye-roll. 'The Queue' puts an everyday social interaction under the microscope, blowing up the proportions to explore the extremes of moral panic in a blackly comical way.

Joel Stokes has worked in the Film & TV Production industry for the last decade. After graduating in film production at the Arts University Bournemouth Joel worked his way through the various rungs on the production ladder and has worked on a range of projects from studio features (HELLBOY, EVEREST, JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN) to independent film and TV (BLACK MIRROR, ATTACK THE BLOCK, BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO). He has most recently worked as a Line Producer on the second series of BRITANNIA for Vertigo Films & ALABAMA for BBC Studios. In the last few years he has begun producing his own short film projects. Joel is now using the practical production knowledge gained over the years working in the UK film & TV industry to get his own projects off the ground.

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