The Queensferry Mosaic Mural

To install the wonderful Queensferry Mosaic Mural in the Priory Church Garden.

We did it!

On 15th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £520 with 16 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

We aim to raise funds to install in a public setting, a beautiful community mosaic mural that has been created by many local people in South Queensferry.

About the project

Common Ground Arts initiated a Mosaic Mural Project based around the themes of the location and history of the Royal Burgh of South Queensferry and the Firth of Forth.  We ran a series of workshops involving local people in learning the skills of making mosaic panels, bringing their own ideas about the themes and helping with the overall design process. From school children, young people and the elderly, people with learning disabilities and those with dementia, all had a part to play. This resulted in a series of 20 mosaic panels of varying size mounted on marine plywood. Together they make a stunning mural approximately 13 metres in length and 2 metres at its highest point. 

The mural is a fascinating snapshot in time of this unique historic village, which sits alongside the River Forth and the mighty Forth Rail Bridge, recently granted World Heritage status.

We have located a suitable site for this wonderful piece of community art work. It will be in the eastern gardens of the Priory Church, the oldest building in Queensferry, and we have the support of Terry Harkin the minister and agreement of the Priory Church Committee.

We have a costing from a local builder for the construction of a wall and the installation of the panels along with necessary landscaping work and lighting.

The cost will be to construct a wall, weather proof the plywood backings and edges of the panels, cement to seal exposed edges, purchase fixing brackets and bolts and secure planning permission. Labour costs of necessary trades people will be additional.

There are three elements to the costings:

  1. Cost of erecting a wall, plus materials needed to install mosaic:  £5,000
  2. Labour hours for preparation and installation: £2,000
  3. Cost of interpretation sign: purchase, design and print of content, installation: £500
  4. Landscaping, lighting and benches: £2,500

Grand total: £10,000

Thank you for your support

Gary Smith and Mike Spring (Common Ground Arts)

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