The Pursuit 2017


Unfortunately, this project was not successful



We wanted to take a moment to share some news about The Pursuit 2017 and explain why we have come to where we are. 

The team that have run The Pursuit are people who lead churches or have other full-time work. It has been something we have loved pulling together and working with friends on.

This year we have had two things to navigate. One is cash flow and the other is a growing list of hidden elements of running an event on a Farm. 

Running a camping weekend on a Farm comes with staggering amounts of health and safety, infrastructure and logistics. Things we were aware of, as well as other things arising as we’ve gone on.

For those of us pulling the weekend together we have had to make the hard decision not to run the event this year. 

Our primary focus is local church, seeing people loved back to life and committing to our neighbourhoods. If you’ve been on The Pursuit before, you’ll know this first hand. For us to pull off the weekend in June we have had to come to the conclusion we would need to sacrifice much time from local church. To run The Pursuit at the cost of the very thing it’s designed to nurture would be contrary to the integrity, authenticity, and transparency that we’ve tried to hold so dearly - at cost - and nurture over the last few years.

It is this that we can’t allow to happen.  Local church is for us the place we feel most alive. The Pursuit has been something wonderful with friends gathering to be replenished and inspired that things can be done differently but could never be allowed to become more important than our local church families and the neighbourhoods God has planted us in.

It would be easy to say we can’t run the event because of unforeseen circumstances or lack of cashflow but we want to be more transparent than that. There have been opportunities to overcome the cashflow obstacle but there are other issues arising that - on our own - we simply cannot overcome without compromising on who we are called to be or what The Pursuit was made for.

We love what The Pursuit has been so far and have had our minds blown by the impact it’s made in local lives, but need to put it on pause as we take time to pray and work out how we pull something together without burning out.

God is good and on the move, please join us in praying about the future.

Grace and Peace

Cris, Benedict and Rob.