Dancing The Land Open - The Prisms of Isis

Dancing The Land Open aims to harness the energy of ancient ceremonies for a modern enactment wherein each of us may open completely to the passion of our own existence. We are a dance and music group creating a new fusion of whirling, belly dance, mysticism, techno music, and sacred sites. Our full set involves live dance and musical performance, live mixing, and interactive space for us all to dance our hearts out. We will travel to three U.K. locations for summer 2014. Come spin with us, in intimacy, celebration, and sweet sensual divinity.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Prisms of Isis is a dance and music group fusing mystical traditions with contemporary forms to unite past-present, East-West, and sacred-secular for a modern audience.

We are a group of professional dancers, a film-maker, and a music producer and composer.  We come from various backgrounds including contemporary and ecstatic dance, visual and performance art, experimental sound, commercial film, and modern forms of spirituality. We believe that by bringing together ancient traditions and modern enactment, traditional binaries are dissolved and possible futures can come into creation.

Our project began in the summer of 2012, as a way of bringing whirling, and its ecstatic heart, to the young people of our generation, through alternative venues and festivals.  We fused techno beat progressions into the pathways of traditional music in order to establish the heartbeat of our set.  We discovered belly dance as a way of bringing shaking, shimmying, and joy into our expression.  We spun through it all and people loved it...we loved it...and so we set about laying a foundation for something bigger, more substantial, something which could grow given the right conditions.  

Dancing the Land Open is the result of our groundwork.  Touring to three sacred sites over the summer of 2014, we will take an expanded and rarified version of our concept into the wider world.  It its current incarnation, Dancing the Land Open is a rich tapestry of sounds and patterns fusing ancient Sufi traditions with contemporary techno composition.  It is a community centered ceremony of reconnection to the land, a dance of power and passion, and a visual and sensory explosion of sacred pleasure.  Drawing on our expertise - in many styles and forms of dance, music composition, visual art, and film - Dancing the Land Open is a huge endeavour pulsating through from the depths of our shared heart.  It is our prayer for humanity, our answer to the call of our time and our generation.  

A two hour performance set including opening ceremonies, live choreography and dance performance, live and local musicians playing sacred music, live time electronic music composition and live mixing, audience participation in dance, group choreography with the community, and a whole lot of love.  

Dancing the Land is an interactive performance set, responding to and holding sacred the urge of our times to dance.  It is collective, inclusive, made with and for community.  It is an expression of  the sensual, sacred possibilities of the heart, in sound, motion, and shared celebration.  

Our first two sites are confirmed at Kingly Vale, an ancient yew forest near Brighton, in partnership with Natural England, and Glastonbury Tor, in partnership with The National Trust.  We are seeking our third site.

Our loving friends and local fans will be bused from London to the site, melding with the communities we enter, and create, for something shared and something new.   Temporary structures for sound equipment and musicians, for the dancers to whirl on, and for shelter in case of rain will be built at each site. Caterers will provide food for grounding and social time following the set.  A list of volunteers to support the logistics of the performance sets will be necessary, and as part of this campaign we ask for your skills, in addition to any amount you wish to pledge to support this project.  

Our challenges include securing the initial capital with which to move the logistics of this tour forward, managing the huge logistics involved, and creating a space for continued expression and development of our concept.  

Our main challenge is breaking through the funding barrier, passing over the milestone of securing our first ever funding.  In its early stages the project has been completely self funded.  Now, in order to move forward, initial capital is necessary to go manage movement ahead at the professional level.  

There are legalities involved which require us to purchase public liability insurance for each site, to insure we have medical responders on site, and to be in compliance with health and safety standards for human comfort.  This is very expensive, and without a crowd-funded base, we will not be able to meet the legal requirements of performing at nationally managed heritage sites and historical places of treasure.  Securing the permits, materials, and labour for safety, construction and management of each site is thus our second milestone.

Our third major challenge will be to fully document both process and performances, in order to create legacy which will make future funding from public funding bodies more possible and likely.  Legacy is necessary, it is what community can grow from, it is the basis from which later gateways for further public performance sets and outreach can be walked through.

We plan to meet these challenges in a step by step process.  The first step is to gather grassroots support from friends and family, individual sponsors, and people such as yourselves to  meet our first three milestones.  The second step is to inspire an international community surrounding our methods and our concepts, so that this project grows wings of its own, and carries itself into realisations we only dream of at this point.  

The initial crowd-funding campaign will give us the capital to purchase the public liability insurance, thus securing our performance dates at Kingly Vale and Glastonbury Tor will go ahead.  The initial fund will also allow us to book necessary support and emergency staff as required by law, portaloos, and coaches to the performance sites.  It will also insure that we able to secure light and sound equipment for each performance date, and invest in marketing.  Without your support, this project may remain just a dream.  

A portion of the funds pledged will also go directly to the commnunites we perform in, because this work is created for all of us.  Through ongoing post performance support, we aim to assist in creation of further local ceremonies and dance events inspired by The Prisms of Isis.  

Dancing the Land Open is a summer project, but it is also more than that, it is a movement providing space for hearts to open in and through the dance, the music, and the sharing.  Every-body deserves to dance, every-body deserves a connection to the earth, every-body longs to move in community.  It's about time we created the desires of our heart, in colour and sound and beauty so rich.

We cannot thank supporters such as yourselves enough.  It is due to your enthusiasm and commitment that new communities may arise surrounding this dance, and that we may share our joy and our passion with the world.  You are amazing!  

Dancing the Land Open is passionate, it is heart centered, it is socially relevant and motivated to the concerns of our time, and it is fun.  Thank you for joining us, thank you for being a part of our community.  

Our first music tracks are written, our choreography is well under way, contacts in each of the chosen communities are being made on a daily basis in order to fulfill the project, costumes have been sewn (and will get elaborated on), and promotions are beginning even now. The depth of attention and detail put into this project is magnificent.  Please look over our website, join us in your heart, and pledge to make Dancing the Land Open Summer Tour 2014 a reality.  


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Prismsofisis

twitter: https://twitter.com/IPrisms