Preparation of Novel Collagen Wound Dressings

by Jean Amicih in London, England, United Kingdom

Preparation of Novel Collagen Wound Dressings


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Wounds infection prevention, Enhance wounds healing, and to Mitigate morbidities in Acute and Chronic wounds.

by Jean Amicih in London, England, United Kingdom

To investigation & characterisation of functional Novel Collagen-based wound  dressings, optimised  by Silver Nanoparticules to prevent infection, enhance healing,  and mitigate morbidities in acute and chronic wounds.

This project will involve the preparation of collagen layers and alginate gels/films under varying conditions (salt, humidity, pH etc.). These gels/films will be optimised by adding antimicrobial agents - the interaction between gel/films and silver nanoparticles will be characterised by a variety of techniques such as  Quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), UV-vis, Infra-Red spectroscopy, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Atomic Force microscopy (AFM) imaging, and possibly neutron reflection can be used that need 700 hours or more intensive laboratory research practices to be completed. 1610216367_lab619_agnps_synthesis.jpg

I passed successfully the exams since 2018, I have to stop my research due to health issues: diagnosis with lumbar discogenic pain characterised by an intense low back pain weaken legs. After MRI results, medications treatment, and physio exercises program, I feel a bit ease to go back and complete my MRes Thesis, unfortunately, out of work for long with lots of financial difficulties, I am unable to afford IT facilities ( computer Desktop and an ergonomic chair due to my condition advised by the physiotherapist), and year travel income to university for lab research. So I need this funding to buy the above necessary needs include lab coat and editing/printing my writing to complete my thesis.


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