The Pre Academy Football Club

The Pre Academy Football Club

Set up U13 Football team for players who have been released from pro clubs and disadvantaged lads throughout Manchester & the North West

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Pre Academy Football Club

Our Plan

Young players are missing out on academy standard football because of family circumstances and the prices of private academies. They are often released from professional club academies without a safety net for their continued development and their immediate wellbeing. We want to develop The Pre Academy by setting up an U12/13 football team to continue the development of players released from pro clubs and lads from disadvantaged backgrounds who are missing out on the same opportunities and are being left behind by the current climate. This team will provide the lads with the same academy standard training and contact time with a professional academy coach and games programme against pro club academies, as well as the strongest local grassroots league. The Pre Academy will open doors for these players to professional standard coaching and professional football clubs.

Who We Are

The Pre Academy was set up to provide extra training for academy players and lads who wish to reach that professional level. We provide training two nights each week for players aged 8-16 and we have had great success in getting numerous lads signed up to academies. Players come from all around the north west to train and not only do we focus on the technical and physical side, we place massive emphasis on the psychological and social development of each player, which also transfers to their school life in terms of concentration and confidence. The benefits to them will not only be to become a good footballer, but also a confident, focused member of the community. All players have their own Individual Player Plan to give them strategies for key areas they need to develop and to enhance their strengths.


Head Coach

Michael Hargreaves

Ten years’ coaching across the northwest and in America, from grassroots to elite youth level players and teams, UEFA B Licence and progressing towards UEFA A Licence. Currently completing the Advanced Youth Award which is the highest youth coaching qualification in the UK. I have spent the last four years at a Premier League Club’s academy. I see all the players as different individuals and aim to have an impact on every player as a footballer and person. I set high standards for myself and the players. I see youth football as nurturing the child to help them maximise their potential to succeed.

What will the benefits be to players?

· Players will train the same amount of hours as players in pro club academies under a professional academy coach.

· Three training sessions a week will offer a varying creative training programme.

· Players released from pro clubs will be given another chance to train at the same elite youth level.

· Players from disadvantaged backgrounds who have been missed by pro clubs and cannot afford the cost of private academies will be given the chance to develop their abilities in an academy style professional environment that they would otherwise miss out on.

· Children will be given a much needed focus in their lives that will benefit them in footballing terms and also in all other areas of their lives.

· Many private academies with teams are designed as mass profiteering businesses aimed at wealthy families. The game of football is supposed to be for all. The Pre Academy will offer this.

· The team will be a mixture of two age groups (U12/U13) which offers shared experiences and shared learning. Older players will learn leadership qualities to look after and nurture younger players, expand understanding through teaching. There will be further opportunities for experimentation and creativity. Younger players will be exposed to skills and concepts that are too difficult to do with same age players and provided with models to copy. Perceptual learning is automatic and self-correcting as players are experiencing different stimuli through interaction in the slightly changed environment. Every game would be further opportunity for individual development and even more of a showcase to professional clubs.

· Players will be exposed to an exciting and testing games programme in a strong grassroots league and also pro clubs

· Numerous players have already been developed to elite levels and this will allow us to go further and develop more local players improving the level of grassroots coaching alongside the elite youth academy side of the game.


What Will the Money Fund?

Every pledge you make means we can:

· purchase kit for the team £540

· pay the fee to join league £100

· hire the venue for training sessions £4000

· pay the fee for the coach £1400

· pay the ref fees for home games £450

· Transport £3000

· Tournament entry fees £500


Thank you!

Every pledge you make helps to fulfil a young player’s dream. This is how you can benefit too.

· £10 name on website as a contributor

· £50 half price master class session with Head Coach (1-to-1 session)

· £50 half price month of sessions

· £100 access to session plans

· £400 Company sponsor page on website or advertisement on website

· £30 branded clothing

· £200 match/game day assessment. Head Coach observation of individual player

Where do we see ourselves going?

· Develop future players

· College scholarships

· Foreign tournament trips

· More age groups

· Employment and development of more coaches

Read what parents have said about our Head Coach!

“I was so impressed with Mike; his sessions were excellent. His debriefing after the session was brilliant. I knew one of the parents of the players who had been coming for a few months. He couldn’t speak highly enough of the coaching.”

(Pre Academy U12 Parent December 2017)

“You need to be coaching more. You are an exceptional coach. Life changing.”

(Pre Academy U13 Parent November 2017)

“Top lad Mike. He has qualities that separate him from the rest.”

 (Pre Academy U12 Parent, November 2017)

“Just want to say a massive thanks for what you are doing for ………….You are an amazing young man and an amazing coach, not just in football but as a person.”

(Pre Academy U13 Parent November 2017)

“I took …… for school trials tonight and he smashed it. He’s loving your coaching. He is really responding to your ways and looked like Messi tonight and he’s just signed up for Mondays.

I can tell your hearts in it. You’re a good lad. That Monday in Didsbury will make a lot of difference.”

(U12 Pre Academy Parent September 2017)

“….. feels he’s had his best 2 weeks with you and is buzzing for this weekend. You have given him so much confidence.

If those 12s found out you were their manager it would be the best news they’ve ever had and I think …. is really developing under you.”

(Pre Academy /Premier League Club Academy U13 Parent June 2017)

“Just want to thank you for all the work you’ve put in with ….. and the progression we’ve seen has been nice to watch. See you next season. Cheers.”

(Premier League Club Academy U11 Parent June 2017)

“Thanks a million for pushing …. this year and getting him to the level he’s at. Shame the season is finishing!!!”

(Premier League Club Academy U10 Parent May 2017)

For further information check out our website or follow us @PreAcademyNW2 and Facebook.