The Post-Apocalyptic Survivors' Club Feature Film

by Laurence Chapman in Sway, England, United Kingdom

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On 26th November 2019 we successfully raised £830 with 16 supporters in 56 days

An enthusiastic cast and crew want to tell the story of the end of the world. It won't have been told before in quite this way!

by Laurence Chapman in Sway, England, United Kingdom

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

Thank you so much

You're supporting the film, and it means so much to us, so you get a straight no frills Thank You Very Much!

£5 or more

A Thank You on our social media

You're such a great supporter of our film, we're going to give you a personal mention in our social media!

£15 or more

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Signed Script (not the secret ending!)

We will get at least twenty signatures including all main cast on our high quality script. But as the actors don't know the ending, we can't reveal it to the public just yet! Postage to mainland UK only.

£20 or more

A Thank You with a T-Shirt

You are a great supporter and you've signed up! You're a Survivor! So we're going to send you an exclusive PAS Club T-shirt with certificate of authenticity. (T-shirts only posted in UK)

£40 or more

A Thank You with T-shirt and Film Credits

Surviving in style! We will send you a PAS Club T-Shirt with certificate of authenticity, give you a big shout-out on our social media AND give you thanks in the film's credits! (T-shirts only posted in UK)

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A Personal Thank You with T-shirt and film credits

The PAS Club will personally thank you with a video message. You're doing a great job in supporting our film, so we want to send you a personal video message with a Thank You from the cast and crew (at least two of them), and give you a big shout-out on our social media, thanks in the film credits, and a T-shirt with certificate of authenticity! Wow! (T-shirts only in UK)

£75 or more

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A photo with the Prime Minister outside number 10!

This will be an exceptional experience. We will be filming one day at the 10 Downing Street location used for Iron Lady, Day of the Triffids and other films (we can't get the real Downing Street). So you can join us for a day on set, and you might even be asked to be in the film and play one of a group of reporters. The location is in London, you will need to make your own way there. But what a great memory to take away with you!

£100 or more

1 of 6 claimed

Be a featured Extra in the film!

It's the ultimate film experience, and a great gift! Join us for a day on set (obviously scenes that involve some extras) and mingle with the cast and crew. Get credits in the film, and a T-shirt (given to you on set) .Or, if you don't fancy giving this away, save it for yourself!

£300 or more

1 of 4 claimed

A speaking part in the film

A small speaking part, one or two lines, with IMDb credit, film credits, T-shirt. What a great gift! Or keep it to yourself! Enjoy a day on set with the cast and crew. And enjoy our backstage pass, with private communication with the film's director and screen-writer.

£500 or more

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Associate Producer

You're changing the World! You'll get full-screen end-credits, a personalized film poster (digital), IMDb credits as a Producer, an early-bird copy of the film (download), of course a T-shirt, a signed copy of the script from cast and crew, 2 x Tickets to the wrap party and 4 x tickets to the Premiere. AND a personal Thank You from the cast and crew. Welcome to the Club!

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