The Post-Apocalyptic Survivors' Club Feature Film

by Laurence Chapman in Sway, England, United Kingdom

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An enthusiastic cast and crew want to tell the story of the end of the world. It won't have been told before in quite this way!

by Laurence Chapman in Sway, England, United Kingdom

Based on a potentially true story...

It was almost a year ago screen-writer Laurence Chapman sat down to write his first feature-length script "The Post-Apocalyptic Survivors' Club". Since then, after a couple of different drafts of the script, Laurence contacted people he knew from his experience as an actor, to full-on nationwide auditions to help realize this vision.  The premise of the film has gone down very well and has gained an incredible ensemble of cast and crew. It's an epic film with an epic cast and crew, telling an epic story.

The film will reveal the most likely Apocalypse, and how different people will prepare for it. Sadly, it's a man-made Apocalypse (spoiler alert). The film should have us feeling uncomfortable, sad, resigned... but there are stories of individuals' hope, resolution, and steadfastness. There are moments of levity, some outrageously funny moments mixed with the serious business of preparation...for the worst.

The script has been well-received by the cast and crew involved, and we need to make this film before it's too late! The emotional journey will be harsh, mixing thought-provoking dialogue, comedy, and an epic fight scene, there is action all round.

We want to support talented new actors, people who really need a boost. That's not to say we don't have more established actors on board including Graham Cawte (Little Pieces, Emotional Motor Unit), Anthony Arundell (Quadrophenia), Emilie Spohie-Johannesen (Transference: A Bi-Polar Love Story), Steve Coleman (6 Underground), Russell Shaw (Adventure Boyz), and many more!

As the cast is so big, we can't list everybody, and the list is growing. In fact, we are even offering limited guaranteed spots in the film, check out our film perks for more!

This crowd-funding stage is to really get the ball rolling, to put the rubber to the road, to give our ideas a boost. The money will be used to finish the casting process (secure even more talented actors for our smaller roles), secure locations (this is ambitious), and to get our read-through done

If we do well, the locations will be real. If not, we can't slam a door in case the whole set falls over. We're filming green screen for the Newsreader role, we need a bunker complex for the underground shenanigans, and we need to hire the replica of 10 Downing Street. If we can get all this, we will have an amazing trailer to help us raise money, raise more interest, raise the bar generally for this sort of independent film. 


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A photo with the Prime Minister outside number 10!

This will be an exceptional experience. We will be filming one day at the 10 Downing Street location used for Iron Lady, Day of the Triffids and other films (we can't get the real Downing Street). So you can join us for a day on set, and you might even be asked to be in the film and play one of a group of reporters. The location is in London, you will need to make your own way there. But what a great memory to take away with you!

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You're changing the World! You'll get full-screen end-credits, a personalized film poster (digital), IMDb credits as a Producer, an early-bird copy of the film (download), of course a T-shirt, a signed copy of the script from cast and crew, 2 x Tickets to the wrap party and 4 x tickets to the Premiere. AND a personal Thank You from the cast and crew. Welcome to the Club!

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