The phoenix support project

by Matthew in Hull, England, United Kingdom

The phoenix support project


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To help as many people as possible who desperately need a chance and guidance of a better future.And help those who suffer from mental healt

by Matthew in Hull, England, United Kingdom

1600278196_46068211_2192977170712487_9031090130584076288_n.jpgFor all of those people who feel they haven't got a voice, for all those people who feel they have no choice, for all those people who's tracks are their tears, for all those people who feel they can't show their fears, just know that you are not alone, let them know they are not on their own, just take a minute out your day, to truly make sure someone is OK, don't think to yourself you can't be bothered as it is too much strife, because that 1 minute could truly save a LIFE, and when some one feels ready to talk, make sure that we Truly LISTEN, because deep down we never really know who feels they have no voice, and we don't want anyone to feel they have no choice!!! #worldmentalhealth2020, it is truly OK to not be OK

This is the vision and hope we want to give to the people we help ❤️

Let's make 'The phoenix support project' happen

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