The Perspective Experiment

Improving the mental wellbeing of you and the rest of our audience by helping to disconnect with your WiFi and reconnect with The Outdoors

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The Perspective Experiment is a Northern-Based outdoor media and lifestyle project that holds the firm belief that travel, adventure and exploring The Outdoors, can soothe the soul and create real and positive benefits on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Our purpose is to explore the relationship between Serotonin [the hormone responsible for your happiness] and simply pulling on your boots, grabbing your jacket and being outside – whether into Nature or The City.

We do this by taking you through a journey of our own unique style of aerial photography and cinematography, which will leave you with a serious sensation of wanderlust.

Behind the films and photography, The Perspective Experiment recognises the growing presence of mental health conditions like anxiety, stress and depression in our everyday lives.

This is why our entire reason for existing is to raise awareness of the positive relation between simply being outdoors and Serotonin production.

Put simply, being outdoors helps our brain produce more Serotonin - making us happy and more fulfilled. Our view of The World is very simple – We did not evolve in offices, kitchens or in front of the TV. Humans have an unconscious instinct to be outdoors and in Nature.

Our personal goal is to improve the mental wellbeing of you and the rest of our audience by helping you disconnect with their WiFi and reconnect with Nature - making you feel better mentally, physically and emotionally.

For this purpose, 10% of all revenue generated by our project will be donated directly to your local MIND Mental Health Organisation, whilst additional streams of our revenue will contribute directly to promoting the activities of local mental health and homelessness charities and organisations