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Our aim is to open a performance, fitness, sports injury, wellness and health facility that is for general community

by The performance pit in Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom

The performance pit has a desire to bring a diversity of training that will benefit the community and create a fun social network through class inspiring workouts,

We have a passion for Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting and functional fitness hitt classes, our staff are a high level weightlifting coaches and strength and conditioning trainers, 

We also aim to host competitions, seminars, and workshops, we will help to support any local charity events, we want to set up a lifting club for teenagers to help stay off the street and help with a scheme to help gain there qualifications leading into the fitness industry, and also want to help people that are unemployed through our benefit scheme, we aim to deliver a sport injury rehabilitation clinic that will deliver high end treatment through having the latest technology of equipment to diagnose,treat, and rehabilitate patients to there full potential in the shortest possible time after injury,patients will be encouraged to attend because of the provision of easier access to staff with a specialised interest and because they have a greater expectation of recovery after injury, also a vitamin iv therapy treatments, and a health and wellness bar.

Case study Brooke 

 after I became unemployed I couldn't afford my gym membership I put weight on,became depressed and hit an all time low, a friend introduced me to a guy who helped me in my situation, he got me into Olympic weightlifting I found it so much better than any other exercise that I have done, I lost weight and helped my depression massively, I went onto become a fitness instructor, there will be many people in my situation and I 100% back the unemployed scheme. 

Case study Jamie Leigh 

I sustained an ankle injury during a charity run tearing my ligaments, I went to A+E at my local hospital and had to wait over an hour to be seen, then it was going to be month's again to be seen again, I went to a private clinic where I got better advice and treatment, I fully support the aim to set up a professional sports injury and rehabilitation clinic that will diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients in the shortest possible time 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£35 or more

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Cryotherapy treatment

A recovery treatment in a cryotherapy chamber

£25 or more

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Personnel training

Personnel training in gym and 1 session free

£30 or more

Gym membership

Gym membership x 1 month and 1 month free

£35 or more

Sports massage

A sports massage to treat injuries or just general massage

£35 or more

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Crossfit membership

Membership for crossfit

£35 or more

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Impact x 10 sessions

A 30 min hit class

Let's make 'The performance pit' happen