The Peoples Podiatry

The Peoples Podiatry

The worlds first Podiatry social business, providing FREE footcare and employment to vulnerable people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Podiatry is the diagnosis, management and treatment of disorders affecting the lower limbs.

My name is Kevin, and I am a Podiatrist. 
My passion is in giving people a service that keeps them on their feet and going about their day to day business free of pain. 

In Scotland, the Scottish Government has redesigned it's NHS service provision for Podiatry for low risk patients, this include such services as skin care, general footcare and cutting, filing and management of toenails.
Now this might not seem like a big deal to younger healthier people, however for the elderly and vulnerable within our society, this can have subsequent negative effects on their health as it can lead to poor balance resulting in falls, and for those who may attempt to do the job themelves, damage and trauma to the nail or further, more serious complications
The NHS is now having to discharge these low risk patients giving them no other option but to manage personal footcare themselves or seek private practice care.
This social enterprise will work in tandem with colleagues in the private sector as well as the new NHS service provision, to help us all achieve the target of an integrated health & social care system by 2020.

My dream is to start up the first social business Podiatry practice called the Peoples Podiatry. It will operate much like a normal private clinic, however it's main mision and vision will be to provide free personal footcare for those in our society who are disadvantaged and do not have the luxury of accessing private care in their area such as the elderly, disabled, and homeless, it will provide completely FREE world leading footcare in the community and in their homes.

Once established and self-sufficient , the second phase of the project will also seek to give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to be mentored and trained to become a Foot Health Practitioner and eventually sponsored to undertake a BSc (Hons) Podiatry degree at university and start up their own clinic in another community, growing the sphere in which the Peoples Podiatry can operate and serve other populations.

The money you pledge will help to purchase equipment, premises and advertise the service to the community as well as capital to invest in the future of the project to make sure it remains sustainable and viable for the first few initial years.

I hope you will join me in starting this bold and ambitious project and help me give back something to communities across the country.