The People's Oral History Podcast

The People's Oral History Podcast

The People's Oral History Podcast has one objective, to record and preserve the history of the people. Because all history is important.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Every single one of us has a story to tell, and believe it or not, we all have a history worth preserving. That is the fundamental aim of The People's Oral History Podcast, to preserve the memories of the people, so future generations can recall from the archives and catch an important glimpse of a life that came before them.

Let me give you an example of what oral history has already given:

I interviewed Alf (that is Alf on the motorbike, in the black & white photo above) several months ago and during that recorded interview, Alf painfully recalled the time he was almost crushed to death during the Bethnal Green tube tragedy, on the 3rd March 1943.  The Bethnal Green tube tragedy, according to Alf, has always been a hushed affair, with much blurring of acknowledgement and accountability from the highest order.  Hushed or not, there is little to erase the clear memory Alf has of that day when 173 people lost their lives - and he was a lucky one, pulled from the surging crush by the scruff of his hair.

It is these memories, from people like Alf, that need preserving. It would not be an overstatement to say, that when we die, we take everything we know with us. The story could end there, were it not for oral history, recording and preserving an account of one's life - to remain forever accessible. You can hear the Alf Morris podcast on our website or iTunes.

The People's Oral History Podcast will be an ongoing project and one that will be spread wide and far. One such way of spreading the oral history recorded interviews will be via the Podcast, which should be up and running shortly, if not already.
There will be a simple yet informative website, with regular project updates, a contact form, and a link to the latest Podcast, and those already archived.

You will be funding stage one of The People's Oral History Podcast. Stage one will last one year, and in that time we have set ourselves the challenge of recording and podcasting fifty-two interviews. 

Near the completion of stage one, The People's Oral History Podcast will create a London-based exhibition. Exhibiting snippets of resonating words taken from the people's recorded history, along with correlated photos, so as to create a visual story, for all to see.

By funding The People's Oral History Podcast, you will be funding the preservation of the people's history which would otherwise be lost over time. Money donated will help with the cost of travelling to and from interviews, and will contribute to updating recording equipment for a professional standard podcast. Donations will also fund project management, research, and organisation. By funding The People's Oral History Podcast, we will be able to introduce - and reimburse - volunteers to the project, so as to give them valuable work experience, and potentially fund them on useful vocational training courses.

By funding The People's Oral History Podcast, the optimism and ideas we have for creating a public exhibition will exist. Funding will also allow us to negotiate with an established archive institution so that the recorded oral history interviews can be appropriately stored, and easily accessible to a wider audience. Ultimately, by funding The People's Oral History Project, we will be able to collect and celebrate historically memories from the people, and ensuring that these memories are accessible for future generations.

We are currently in the process of forming a Community Interest Company (CIC) as we feel The People's Oral History Podcast is a Project that is heavily reliant, and of great interest, to the wider community. We also understand that by becoming a recognised company, will show our professional and long-term commitment to The People's Oral History Podcast. CIC details will follow shortly.

I have thought long and carefully over the benefit versus cost of issuing rewards for donations made. Rightly, or wrongly, I decided that offering big chunky rewards, ultimately meant the need to ask for more money. So with that said, I have kept the donation reward to a very simple minimum, almost. Mind, if you do fancy a big chunky reward package for your generous donation, you will find those at the top end of our request, which you will find in detail on the Donations and Rewards page.

Thank you for your support. 

I am happy to answer any question you may have. Thank you.