The People's Concert for The Queen 2015

The People's Concert for The Queen 2015

To celebrate and honour Her Majesty for the life service she has given on the occasion of becoming the longest reigning British Monarch.

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On 22nd Jul 2015 we successfully raised £440 with 17 supporters in 42 days

Project Aim

WE ARE RAISING MONEY TO HELP OFFSET THE FINAL COSTS OF "THE PEOPLE'S CONCERT FOR THE QUEEN". THIS CONCERT IS A PUBLIC INITIATIVE, NOT THAT OF THE PALACE OR THE GOVERNMENT. The aim of this project is to raise the necessary amount required to help fund a celebratory concert at the world famous London musical venue, the O2 on 16th September in honour of Her Majesty, The Queen. The O2 has seen the likes of Lady Gaga, Sting, Elton John, Ed Sheeran and countless other world famous musical acts. On 9 September 2015, The Queen will become the longest reigning Monarch in the history of Britain. YOU CAN BE A PART OF HISTORY by helping to fund this project! You do not need to live in the United Kingdom or one of Her Majesty's realms to support and back this project! If you love The Queen and want to see a celebration for her, please help make this event happen by pledging. 

There have been no official celebrations planned by the Palace or the Government, so it now falls up to the people to celebrate the life service she has given to this nation. As The Queen will surpass Queen Victoria in becoming the longest reigning Sovereign, it is only right that the people honour their Queen through a proper show of respect and thanks for the decades of service she has given us. Please help us give Her Majesty the proper celebration she deserves by donating today! God Save The Queen!

The Telegraph Newspaper has even asked if we should celebrate this occassion:

"Don’t expect a commemorative stamp. Forget gilded carriages, rows of painted faces along the Mall, cardboard periscopes in red, white and blue. There will be no Red Arrows fly-past, nor any salute of guns in Hyde Park or at the Tower of London; no concert or picnic or fireworks display to disturb the peace of Buckingham Palace gardens. Instead, according to royal aides, Wednesday September 9 2015 will be 'business as usual’. As far as the Palace is concerned, this is not a day for celebration.

Yet this is not a “usual” day. September 9 represents an extraordinary milestone in our island story. It is the day on which Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning Monarch in history, the day on which she breaks the record held for more than a century by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. September 9 is the day that casts in a new light the National Anthem’s prayer about a Queen who is “long to reign over us”. Victoria’s reign of 23,226 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes – 63 years and seven months – defined an era and a people.

Like her great-great-grandmother before her, Elizabeth II has requested there be no celebrations on September 9. Her attitude is shaped by respect for her formidable predecessor. The Queen is said to hope that, if the event is marked at all, it is done so reverently, with no spirit of triumphalism and no suggestion that what is being celebrated is Victoria’s death. Instead palace officials are at work on the programme for the Queen’s ninetieth birthday next April.

And so there is a dilemma. To become the longest reigning of the forty-one kings and queens of England since the Norman Conquest is unquestionably an historic achievement, even if the achievement itself ultimately comes down to survival. It is also the case that a reluctance to crow is part of Elizabeth II’s make-up. She will spend the day at Balmoral, the castle of glittering Aberdeenshire granite built for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert, just as Victoria herself did on the day she passed George III’s record (in the latter’s case she was entertaining the last Tsar and Tsarina of Russia, whose own long-term prospects proved decidedly less rosy). The Queen’s hope is for a “quiet” day, although this may well include an engagement in the vicinity.

Last year a suggestion by Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow that the Queen relay a video message from Balmoral to crowds outside Parliament was vetoed on the grounds that it lacked dignity. A call by historian Andrew Roberts for a “proper national celebration” has also so far failed to find legs. Buckingham Palace has indicated the possibility of a photo call. Only in the event of “a spontaneous national clamour” for something more significant, Palace aides offer, will there be a change to the current, deliberately low-key plans.

On September 9, there will be no carriage processions of puppets. Nor is it likely that Elizabeth II will replace her trusty Launer handbag with a balloon. But few people would deny that she has merited a 'spontaneous effusion of love’ to match that shown to her great-great-great-great-grandfather George III. How best to express that effusion is a decision to be taken individually by communities across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth."


About the project

Planning has been ongoing for the better part of a year, but funding has fallen short due to the lack of care or interest from the Government. The venue has been reserved, stars and celebrities have been sourced and contracted, set design, lighting and ligisitics have been set in motion and deposits have been paid. Now the final bill is fast approaching and we need your help to make this concert an ultimate success. This is not just a project, this is the marking of history as is should have been by our government and the Palace. The Queen has given her life in dedicated service to this nation and it is about time we show her how appreciative we are. By hosting this concert which is organised by the people, it shows Her Majesty that we the people truly do care about this milestone and have cause to celebrate her reign. Is it right that this nation would let the most important milestone in our history pass without so much as a mention?

The funding raised by this venture will help pay the final bill for the venue, lighting, sound, logisitics, artist expenses (most have donated their time but require travel) and other miscellaneous bits associated with a concert of this magnitude. As this celebration is not funded by the Government, the Palace, large multi-national companies or wealthy individuals, it comes down to those who love Her Majesty, those who believe in The Queen, our heritage and our traditions. It has come down to the people of this nation to not only show Her Majesty how much she is loved, but to further mark and make the history that we are so well known for.


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