The Path To Good Medicine

The Medicine Garden is a not-for-profit community garden project based in Cobham, Surrey. We would like to raise enough funds to complete a path that allows visitors to better experience the nurturing simplicity of this lovely space and really connect with our philosophy of good medicine. By getting involved you will help make the garden a lasting place in the community for generations to come.

We did it!

On 11th Oct 2013 we successfully raised £6,072 of £6,000 target with 67 supporters in 42 days

The path will be completed in time for our Summer Party on September 1st, but we still need to pay for it. So please dig deep Smile 

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Back in 2006, I discovered a derelict and overgrown walled garden, built around 1850, it was originally the kitchen garden for Cobham Park. I instantly fell in love with it, but only had two weeks to put together a proposal to try and win the 40-year-old lease. Sitting around a kitchen table, a couple of friends and I came up with a seed of an idea – a destination where people could be inspired, slow down and nurture themselves. Much to our surprise, we won the lease.

It took four years to clear the site, repair the walls and rebuild the old sheds. During this time our idea grew, took shape and became The Medicine Garden – a place of beauty where people could come together in community to relax, to play and to take home a piece of ‘good medicine’ from every visit. Part of our vision was to attract and support a community of small, like-minded businesses, housed in and around the courtyard. Renting out these spaces would help part-fund ongoing renovations and bring even more good medicine into the site.

In June 2010, we opened to the public with a simple garden design, a garden shop, a corner for garden artefacts, a small workshop, and a café. It was a really emotional day for us all.

So, here we are three years later ready to reveal the overall idea and vision for the project. The main garden design is based on an eight-pointed compass or wheel design. At each direction, we have planted a tree. Each one offers a piece of ‘good medicine’ to raise our awareness of, deepen our understanding of and bring more fully into our lives and our work. They are:

Courage, Vitality, Inspiration, Stillness, Wonder, Focus, Nourishment, and Flow.

Good Medicine Wheel

Now we are building a path that connects these trees, allowing everyone who comes to better explore our idea and really connect with our vision. And this is where you come in. Work is already underway on the path, but we need a way to actually pay for it! With your help, we can bring ‘good medicine’ to the community now and for the future. Thanks, Paul.

 Summer Party invite

 Hopefully we'll see you at our Summer Party!

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