The Paradox of Imagination

by eddyattridge in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

The Paradox of Imagination
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To publish my Novel - "The Paradox of Imagination". Funds will help with Editing, Printing, Trailer and Marketing.

by eddyattridge in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Three time zones, centuries apart. 

Three very different lives brought together. 

One mission...

…to save the human race.


The Story 

(without giving too much away!)

The story follows three main characters who exist centuries apart from one other - John (1599), Rose (2018), and Apex (2200). Whether it’s going to school, working on a farm or studying at college, these three seemingly ‘normal’ people turn out to be far from ordinary. As the story develops, they begin to experience some very unusual phenomena - they can manipulate matter with their imagination and destroy anything simply by visualising it. Concerned by these frightening experiences, they attempt to understand what's happening to them.

Perhaps it's a psychological condition, or maybe a form of witchcraft?

To add to this, they begin to dream about each other resulting in them becoming involved in pivotal moments of one another’s lives. The importance of these dreams becomes apparent when the unnerving visions start to become reality. What happens next will not only put their own lives at risk, but also that of every human being to have ever existed.

Taking inspiration from science fiction and combined with elements of the supernatural, this epic story has an exciting and thought provoking plot, which is guaranteed to appeal to the young adult market as well as readers who love intrigue, suspense and dystopian literature.

The Author

Edward Attridge lives in Bristol with his wife and two children. He began his journey to become a novelist during his studies for a Psychology degree and Hypnotherapy diploma. His mind was crammed with creative ideas for the stories he wanted to write and he would often spend time making up stories for his daughter.

Then one day, three years ago, he had his light bulb ‘Eureka’ moment!

"I was sat watching my daughter playing one day, thinking about how amazing it is to see a child use their imagination so vividly, by making even the most mundane of objects come to life. That evening, I sat down at the computer and I was like a mad man on a mission; writing and re-writing, making notes, weaving the parts together like a well-crafted piece of tapestry. All of a sudden the story started to come together, like a jigsaw. I had started to write my book. Quite simply, it was one of the most exciting and riveting experiences of my life."

The Project


The novel is currently in the latter stages of the editing process and will be complete by July 2018. I have a fantastic Editor who has really helped with the progression of this project so far.


I will need help marketing this book, and good marketing costs money. The funds I receive will help me to promote my book across a variety of mediums to help me gain greater exposure with my desired audience.


Printing costs can be very expensive and I will need copies of the book to not only be printed for the launch, but also to send out to prospective investors. The book will be sold as hard and digital copies on Amazon and Kindle, with the hope that by using these mediums the cost of printing will be kept to a minimum.

The Launch

I have once chance to make this right, so I want to ensure the launch of my book makes an impression. I have planned for the launch to be held at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol and I need to be able to cover the costs of venue hire and refreshments etc.

Book Trailer

The epic and visionary nature of my book translates really well across other mediums and I’ve spent many months wondering how to go about producing a film or TV trailer for the book. I recently had a chance encounter with a very well respected Director/Script writer, who is well known for his BBC Dramas, and he has expressed a keen interest to work with me on this project. With the backing of a great Director, I can really showcase this novel, which in turn will help towards promoting it to television and film production companies. However, the cost of filming and casting will run the budget up quite considerably, which is why I need your help.

This is a massive project that has taken years to prepare, but it is one that I have great passion for and I truly believe that my novel will be a success. There are plans for this to become a trilogy or series in the future, as there is so much scope for more material.

I am extremely excited for the Paradox of Imagination – I hope you are too!

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