by Lisa Eguavoen in Uxbridge, England, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The Aim of my project is to support young girls and woman in Africa by donating free sanitary pads to does who are unable to afford them.

by Lisa Eguavoen in Uxbridge, England, United Kingdom

My name is Lisa, my purpose of coming on this platform to seek funds is to help me achieve my desires to support less privileged young girls/women without money who are suffering out there and cannot afford to get sanitary pads.

There are lots of young girls/women in Africa, neglected and left to suffer so terribly especially around the areas of menstruation. They have no education or the fund to purchase sanitary pads for themselves and other hygiene products.

Lots of Girls, like myself have been forced to go through FGM (Female Gentital Mutilation) without consent simply because of some horrible traditions or culture sake. We are left to suffer in pain, scared for life and left to become more at risk of infection. 

I believe with your help and support we will be able to support these wonderful young girls and women.

I intend to start on a smaller scale right now and then gradually progress into a foundation that helps and guides young people mostly teens through growing up as they start to experience bodily changes, how to handle those changes, how to maintain good hygiene and sex education. 

These would be targeted at very deprived communities in Africa. So my first goal as I get things slowly in motion is to make feminine hygiene products especially sanitary pads available for free to young girls in these communities.

It would be very fulfilling for me if I can achieve this on or before my 25th birthday in August 2020.

It’s been me greatest desire since from when I was a young girl, neglected by my Aunty who I had to stay with during my teenage years, she never bought me a pad or showed me what to use or how to when I started my menstrual cycle. 

I remember having to use clothing, like a piece of cloth under my underwear as a form of pad when I go to school and when I got home I would wash and dry it in other to use it again and again and again without a spare to change with. There were days when I would bleed through my uniform and kids would make fun of me cause the chair will be stained or the button I'm wearing will be stained. I will then have to sometime use sachet water to wash it off immediately . 

I had to figure things out on my own eventually. I remember the first time I wore a pad, it was Called Always with wings, it felt so wired and a bit uncomfortable as I was not used to it.

However, when I realised the level of protection I was getting from it, ooh my goodness the Joy was Priceless...and from then on I began to get used to it and educated myself more to understanding my body much more eventually.

So all of that experience is what motivated me to want to do what I can to assist people who might be facing similar challenges or perhaps worse. 

By getting some funding I would be able to do much more and reach out to more people than what I can on my own so it would be truly amazing if you donate and support me to help me achieve this dream.

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