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The Oxford Mind

Abstract thinking is entirely dependent on language, whether it be mathematics, [musical notation] or ordinary language. For nearly all...

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 Abstract thinking is entirely dependent on language, whether it be mathematics, [musical notation] or ordinary language. For nearly all school work, exam work, job interview performance etc a certain kind of language is at a premium. This sub-set of ordinary English, which I call logical literacy or The Oxford Mind, gives authority, clarity, coherence and cogency of speech to those who possess it. It is nothing less than the Holy Grail of education, of academic expression, of intelligibility and intelligent organisation in speech. It has five components: the seven logical relations which link any and all statements to every other conceivable statement; the words and phrases which embody and express those logical relations [like magnetic fields working on the meanings of the statements they connect]; their combinations, which give flexibility, fluency and speed of expression [getting to the point as fast as you possibly can, even when the point is complex and abstract in concept]; five basic forms of logical argument; five levels of rhetoric [bringing your listeners with you and keeping them on your side even when you overturn their arguments]. Once a young person has studied logical literacy they will easily and comfortably meet the requirements of their school, college or university; they will think more clearly, discuss and argue more effectively, and be more elegant in their expression and intelligibility.

However, logical literacy is never taught in standard schools and is only ever incidentally touched on. Only the children of highly educated, usually high-level professional parents have a grasp of logical literacy and this is generally only by means of unthinking imitation of their parents' ways of speech. Logical literacy has its roots in the education given to young men at Oxford in the nineteenth century before they were sent off to rule distant marches of the British Empire; its purpose was to give them authority, logical rigour and overview as well as a power of expression sufficient to awe even the wisest of the colonial peoples they were despatched to rule over. This is the political reason, in all probability, why logical literacy has never been taught in standard schools.

I wish to teach logical literacy free of charge to as many young people in this country as I possibly can. This will empower boys and girls to deal more effectively with their teachers, meeting their requirements more successfully in their written and oral work... to interact more effectively and more smoothly with each other, to earn the respect of the older generation both in school and in public places, especially in the job interview and the work place. It will also empower boys and girls to marshall their talents more effectively and to take an active part in the evolution of society regardless of their backgrounds and economic status.  The Oxford Mind is to be a free gift to any and all and is nothing short of a revolution in young people's life opportunity.

I hope you will support this project.  Money is needed for advertising, for the rental of teaching rooms and for the purpose of keeping me going while I carry through my aims. This funding of £15,000 will enable me to run the operation for up to six months [offering classes after school and at the weekends] which will be sufficient time for the project to show fruit. It is expected that testimonials from parents and teachers, as well as from older students themselves, will validate the course and on that basis I will take the project into the next phase. Thank you for considering the above.  

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