Triptych Media Prod. The Other side of the coin

Triptych Media Prod. The Other side of the coin

We are a Catholic/Christian company, who wish to serve the faith via Film, Television, Theatre and radio.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a catholic/christan company who wish to serve the faith via  Film, Television, Theatre and radio, using

different settings and  tackling everyday themes i.e. adultery, death, drugs, loss of faith. The list is endless.

We are currently due to start shooting a film regarding adultery . There are no visuals of the adultery, it is not necessary.

The film covers the wife and mistress as they 'accidently' meet and talk. It then goes further, as someones else

has inadvertantly over heard the conversation.

We feel that most films, show the adulterators with sympathy but not the wife/husband who are loyal, and that it is allowed in many ways with the excuse of 'falling in love',or 'mis-understood' scenarios. We believe that the balance needs to be redressed and what should be the catholic/christian attitude , requires to be put forward.

We are making a series of films using a central character as well as other stories. The current one is the serial.

Our work has been on EWTN and indeed the series will be an exclusive for them, They exist on donations only

and that is why we wish to attempt fund raising of our own.

We have two well known actresses on board, and an excellent actor . We have a dedicated crew.

As we are all professionals in our own fields , we do achieve a high standard and we believe that we are using our

God given talents in the correct way, that is , for the glory of God.

The script is quite hard hitting and emotional, but it does end on a positive note.

We are also booked to film again in October with a true Catholic Ghost story as well as two further

scripts for our series, therefore the 'project' is an on going one and any contributions would be welcome.

This is not a money making organisation, though maybe if we get bigger , it could become one.

At present, we wish to continue to produce high quality films  but on a tight budget.

The reward is seeing the work produced and aired on a global scale, and knowing that you may make

a positive difference to someones life.

I can now add that we have had two days filming covering the external shots and we will be going onto

the internal shots on Wednesday and Friday. We are looking to upload some images in the next few days.