The Orpheus Centre

Upgrade the lighting in our barn theatre at the Orpheus Centre, a college for young disabled adults teaching independence through the arts.

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £180 with 6 supporters in 45 days

We want to upgrade the lighting in our barn theatre at the Orpheus Centre, a specialist college for young disabled adults. We believe that every young disabled person should have the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers. We are the only organisation offering a personalised study programme focussing on building independence , communication and social interaction skills through the arts, with supported housing and personal care on the same site. Our students are between the ages of 18 and 25 and have learning or physical disabilities. They stay at Orpheus for up to three years. Everything at Orpheus is focussed on maximising independence for our students.


Our barn theatre is mainly used for teaching drama, dance, audio recording and music but is also the place where we mount our termly productions and weekly “Funky Fridays” where students can share what they have been working on that week. The existing house lights and working lights are in poor condition. The house lights are repurposed garden flood lights and not designed for use as house lights. Many are broken beyond repair. The working lights are made up for 4 high bay discharge units which take approximately 5 minutes to fully turn on, meaning there are delays in teaching. There are dark areas at the edges of the space due to poor lighting. The existing theatrical lighting rig is very old (26 years!) with lighting fixtures broken. All the lights are no-longer produced making spares difficult to source. The lights are tungsten sources so they run hot making it dangerous to refocus when in use. The lights require ‘gel’ to be physically inserted to change the colours which makes them inaccessible for many of our students, who have mobility issues and cannot climb a ladder.

We want to remove the existing house and working lights and replace with an LED lighting system which will give us even lighting throughout the room, including at the edges and the ability to adjust the colour temperature of the lighting, and to replace theatrical lights with all LED theatrical lighting, reducing power consumption, greatly reducing heat generation, and meaning that colour can be changed remotely; reducing the need to working at height and meaning students can operate colour changes.

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