The One Self Centre - Metaphysical Education

by Adrian Dumont-Namin in Monmouth, Wales, United Kingdom


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Am raising money for a proposed new centre called The One Self Centre - Metaphysical Education, Teachings and Practice.

by Adrian Dumont-Namin in Monmouth, Wales, United Kingdom

Meditation changes lives. Throughout  the 1970's regular studies were carried out in which the effects of large groups of people meditating were shown to reduce the crime rate in those areas (Washington D.C. in this case). When we engage in meditation we engage in what is sometimes known as the 'spiral path'. This spiral path could be said to be us ascending in our evolution as beings. When we engage in meditation we actually change the world we are living in - we affect ourselves and those around us. Together we truly can change the world.

From a really early age I felt an interest in spiritual matters. Often this area of life seems like one which is a bit vague and fuzzy but I've had the experience that it is an extremely important area of our lives - perhaps the most important in some ways. Ultimately, we all want to know the deeper truths of lives because in becoming 'self-aware' we unfold the evolution and experience ever more refined states of understanding, truth and love in our lives.

There can be many reasons to start on the spiritual or metaphysical path. Many people come to it through suffering in one or more areas of their lives. Some are just extremely curious. For many it is a mix of factors.

The metaphysical journey is not just something which is ethereal and intangible - it can offers us very practical ways of living our lives on a daily basis. the Buddhist path, for example, offers us a range of life-changing truths about what we are as people, most of which are extremely rational and straight-forward - eminently based in our daily realities - they just make it a lot more enjoyable.

There are many other approaches and techniques which truly reveal the mysteries of being human to us in ever greater depth - whether these be from ancient Vedic, Kashmiri or Daoist traditions.

The One Self Centre - Metaphysical Education, Teachings and Practice aims to be a centre for inner-growth, personal transformation, philosophical discussion, wellbeing and discovery of what this amazing thing we are all living called life, really is.

The idea is that it will become a centre at the heart of Monmouth where people can come and listen to lectures and discussions and find out about some of the most effective and esoteric practices and hopefully, we will become a community of like-minded people, a force for good in the world.

A natural bi-product of looking into spiritual matters is that our lives generally tend to improve. We find much more peace in ourselves. Many people who suffer from anxiety or depression find that as they understand themselves more, as they learn to access levels of trauma for example, they are released from their suffering and find they enjoy almost unrecognisably new lives - this is the personal transformation journey in process. We do transform. We grow. We experience the love which is actually what our beings are made up of.

The types of exercises and practices we are likely to be offering are -

Various types of mindfulness meditation from the Buddhist tradition; 'Awareness/inner watching' exercises from the Vedic tradition; So Hum mantra meditation; Kashmiri Trika Philosophy and associated meditation practices; Shiva/Shakti practice/understanding; Kindness meditation (Metta Bhavana); Meditation on death from the Buddhist tradition; Meditation on foulness of body (very good for spiritual growth!); Understanding the nature of reality and nature of self from a Buddhist and a Vedic perspective; The 5 precepts of Buddhism; Anxiety and stress reduction through mindfulness; Anger control; Inter-personal communication techniques; The Bodhisattva Ideal; Understanding the Bhagavad Gita; Understanding the Upanisads  -  and much more!

It is often in meditation that we experience the sacred, we find respite from mundane states, we heal from pain and trauma, we find support and companionship, we discover new selves, we might even experience the light of our own beings. Sacred spaces are necessary and very important. We can experience, often for the first time, the true joy and bliss that lies within us which we share with all beings.

The Centre is to be called The One Self Centre because, in the ancient texts, there is reported to be only one true self, one cosmic being of which we are all part. It is said that it is our journey to realise this self - to become 'self-realised'. This doesn't relate to a small, egoic self but to the being of which we are all part - not as bodies but metaphysically, as mind, as atma, as One Self. This self transcends all things and envelopes us all within its ever-constant beingness. Sat Chit Ananda, as the ancients said.

It is hoped that as many people as possible will donate. Everything is possible in life and I thin we really can get this centre up and running and we really can make it something that has a really positive and beneficial effect on ourselves and others.

Please consider a gift!

Let's make 'The One Self Centre - Metaphysical Education' happen

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