Okie Soapy Development & Vegan Friendly Products

by gemma-breese in Okehampton

Okie Soapy Development & Vegan Friendly Products
We did it
On 16th April 2015 we successfully raised £3,055 with 154 supporters in 56 days

To develop & launch a collection of handmade male grooming products in addition to other products & to have them vegan approved.

by gemma-breese in Okehampton

New stretch target

EDIT: Okie Soapy has been featured in The Telegraph both online (11th April) & in The Sunday Telegraph (12th April) - read here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/businessclub/sales/11528875/Cash-starved-handmade-soap-firm-in-line-for-funding-double-whammy.html

I'd love to reach £2800 by the end of my project as this will mean that once Crowdfunder have their fees I will then still get the amount of funding I need for everything stated in this project!

There are still some lovely pledges to choose from; I currently have 1 limited Bath Bomb lover goodie box pledge left! You'll get 3 of my bath bomb tubs AND three jumbo bath bombs, this will get you more for your money AND FREE DELIVERY (on normal prices).

I am also still looking for Okie Soapy Sponsors for the £25/£100/£200 pledges so in addition to the products you'll receive you will also get your business advertised on my website here

I would just like to say that by running this Crowdfunding project it has opened up many more opportunities for me than I ever thought it would and that is down to everyone who has pledged to help me reach my targets so quickly, so huge thanks for your continued support.  I hope that once this project has ended you will continue to follow me on social media so you get to see the products I launch from this project.


Firstly a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has shared this project and pledged to get me this far!  The support I have had from my customers, other businesses (and in some cases strangers) has been incredible!

As I have been lucky enough to go into overfunding these funds will go towards me being able to apply to The Vegan Society and have my products approved by them so that my packaging and marketing materials can carry their official logo.  I get a lot of questions both online and at events I attend about my products and if they are vegan friendly.  To be able to advertise and market them in this way would be brilliant, I always think that for the 1 person that does have the confidence to ask if my products are suitable for vegans, there may be 1 or 2 who aren't confident enough encase the answer is no.  So to advertise the fact would help over come this situtaion.  in the UK there are approx 150,000 vegans.

To have my products approved would mean I can use the vegan logo on my product packaging, online and on my marketing materials.  This would mean vegans can have increased confidence in purchasing my products and will know right away my products are appropriate, as after all, not everybody likes asking the question.  

I have had a quote from The Vegan Society and to approve all of my current products and the products in the new male collection would cost around £900 for two years for approx 30 products.  Any overfunding I obtain will go towards this cost.

As I have gone into overfunding I have added 4 BRAND NEW LOVELY PLEDGES!

£3 Pledge - Show your support!

A huge thanks from me for continuing to support me throughout my overfunding on this project!  If you have a Facebook page I'll share this on mine & also share your twitter if you have this.  (Leave them in the comments box after making your pledge).

£5 Pledge - Receive a email with a £6 discount code!

I'll send an email in May 2015 with a £6 discount code that will be valid for 6 months.

£15 Pledge - Treat Yourself!

A random mix of 3 bars of soap PLUS a mystery product, this includes delivery to be dispatched June 2015.

 £75 Pledge - Do your Christmas Shopping early!

A random mix of 4 Gift Sets PLUS stocking filler gifts.  This includes delivery to be dispatched October 2015.

 All of the 'original' pledges are still there and can be used, I just decided to add a few more as I reached my intitial target so early.

Many thanks once again,


Okie Soapy Lady x

Project aim

The main aim is to develop and launch a collection of natural, handmade male grooming products in addition to other Bath & Body products I can add to my current collections.

The History of Okie Soapy

The Okie Soapy Soap Shop launched on 4th July 2014  selling products online and in a local shop.  I started to attend events from November 2014, here I learned which of my products were selling well and also what type of products prospective customers would like to see developed as my business grows.  At this stage I had a total of 11 varieties of soap, small soap gift sets & a special novelty Christmas soap, shortly after Christmas I launched my Bath Bomb collection.


This is a collection of some of my current products, traditional, handmade cold process soaps, Jumbo Bath Bombs and bath fizzes.  The packaging for the soaps I developed and cut myself.


As you can see, the entire branding and final look of the product is as important to me as the product itself.  Each bar of soap is hand cut and stamped with my Okie Soapy logo.


Please visit my website and Etsy store to see my current collection of products.  This will show you the type of products I have so far and will give you an opportunity to read my reviews & see what my customers think of my current products and service.

How your Pledges will Help

My current products are very much female orientated; I would love to produce and launch a collection specifically for men.  I have already started developing & experimenting with recipes for this collection; there are currently four different products, one of which has 3 variations making a total of 6 products to launch the male collection, which is yet to be named.  In addition to the products themselves, this project will also help to develop the branding and packaging for the male collection so that the final packaged product reflects the quality of the item.

From this project I would also like to be able to develop and launch two further products to my current collection, lip balms and hand creams.

In order to be able to sell Bath & Body products within the EU, a Cosmetic Safety Assessment has to be obtained for every product before it is put on sale, this is carried out by a qualified chemist.  To a small business this equates to a lot of capital; therefore the funding for this project is not only to help develop new products & packaging, but to help gain the neccesary legal paperwork to be able to put the product on sale to the public.

Of course in return for your pledges you do get something back too!  Take a look on the right hand side of this page >>>> to see what goodies you can get from gift vouchers, 'goodie boxes' of Okie Soapy goods, a box of goodies for a month for 6 months & EXCLUSIVE rewards too! It's a fab way to try my products or even to give as gifts to others.  Just below I've included a 'sneak preview' of some products you'll receive with certain pledges. 

£50 pledge - Recieve a bumper collection of Okie Soapy goodies!

Choose this reward and one of the items in your collection will be this brand new gift set as below (soaps may differ).






 £100 pledge - receive an Okie Soapy goodie box each month for 6 months!  

If you choose the above pledge one of your last boxes will contain my very popular Snowflake soaps!  

In 2014 these sold out extremely quick both online & at events with customers then requesting back in stock alerts.  

These soaps will make perfect stocking fillers & teacher gifts at Christmas.  

One of your boxes will also include the gift set (pictured above), another product that would make a lovely Christmas gift or stocking filler.




 The Okie Soapy Soap Shop - FAQ's

What is the vision / goal of The Okie Soapy Soap Shop?

My plan is for The Okie Soapy Soap Shop to become my full time job.  I would like to progress into having my own workshop so more of my products can be made & easily stored; this would then enable me to do bigger shows & events & eventually lead to having my own small shop in Devon.  In order to do the bigger shows I would also like to have my own Okie Soapy van so I have more space for stock/display than I do in my current car.

How has the business been funded to get to it's current position? 

To date I have funded the business myself from savings & my current day job.  Takings from all sales are currently being re-invested back into the business to enable progression.

How are your products made?

All products are made in small batches, from raw ingredients.  I spent months developing recipes, researching & sourcing the best natural ingredients to use.  My cold process soaps are my own recipe, made completely from scratch with luxury ingredients that include Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters.  My Bath Bombs are also made from scratch; they also contain luxury ingredients such as Epsom Salts and Sweet Almond Oil.






A Selection of just some of my soaps that contain only luxury oils & butters that are very kind to your skin.




How & where are Okie Soapy products sold?

My products are currently sold online via my website, Etsy and other marketplace platforms.  I also have my products on sale in a local shop in Okehampton (as pictured), as it stands my products are in this shop until July 2015; I do hope to continue renting this space after July.  In addition to locals, tourism picks up in the area April - September.  In 2014 I had requests for more products to be taken to the local shop as holiday makers wanted specific items to take home as gifts.



I also attend various events across the south of Devon; in 2014 I had lots of my items sell out at Christmas events.  In 2015 I am attending my biggest event to date, Exeter Craft Festival in July 2015.  I applied for this event in November 2014 and received an email in January this year to say my application had been successful.  I have also been invited to exhibit at a Royal Horticulural Society Craft Fair in September and more are booked for the Christmas shopping season.






If this project is successful & you receive the funds, how will they be spent?

  • Initially - completing the development of the new male collection grooming products, 4 new products one of which has 3 variations
  • Obtaining Cosmetic Safety Assessments for all 6 products - £180 each
  • Branding - I would like the male collection to have a slightly different 'look' to my current products, but still in keeping with the Okie Soapy branding.  I would use the same company that have done all branding - approx £50
  • If funds allow I will add the two new items to my current collection, lip balms and hand cream - £180 each for safety assessment
  • Product Packaging and Labelling - Recycable packaging (where possible) and Labelling for products
  • Ingredients to build up stock of the new products
  • Marketing the new male collection 

If I am lucky enough to get 'over funding' (exceed my target) I will use these funds to get my products approved by The Vegan Society so my products and marketing materials can carry their logo to show that my products are suitable for vegans (apart from the two that contain Devon Flower honey). I would need approx 30 products approved by them which totals to approx £900 after VAT. This is a question I get asked often 'Are your products suitable for vegans?' so to be able to actively promote this while educating people at the same time would be a brilliant opportunity. In the UK alone there are approx 150,000 Vegans so this would be very worthwhile.


Project Timeline - What will happen when?

Everyone who makes a pledge towards this project will be added to a mailing list so you can be kept up to date on the progress at each stage.  

I invisage that if this project is successfully funded I will finalise recipes within 4 weeks, once these are done the Cosmetic Safety Assessments will be paid for and sent off, these usually take around 4-6 weeks to come back.  In the meantime the packaging and labelling will be worked on so these are ready for when the paperwork is ready.

There will be a huge new product launch planned (date to be confirmed), however those that pledge the £200 will have their reward before this launch as stated in the rewards section on this project.


At this point I would like to say 'Thank You' for taking time to read through my crowd funding project & so learning a little more about my business.


Please note:  Any pledges made will be taken from your PayPal account/ card immediatly & held by crowdfunder.  I only receive my funding if I meet the target by the end of the project.  If my project is unsuccessful and I do not meet my target your pledge will be refunded to you.

If this project is successful, all 'thank you' messages on my blog and sponsor listings will go on my website once the funds have come through.  These will then be shared heavily across all my social networking platforms.

Take a look at my sponsors page here - this is where your businesses will be showcased after making the £100/£200 pledge.

There is a reward for each pledge so you do get something for your money; a great way to try out some of my Okie Soapy products!  Have a look on the right hand side of this page to see the pledge amounts and the rewards they carry.

Many Thanks,



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

Twitter Followers! Pledge £1 & I will add you to my public 'Crowdfunder Backers' list on my twitter account so people can follow this list - in return I will then tweet/mention/retweet you to say thanks! Please leave your @twitter ID in the message when you make your pledge.

£2 or more

£2 Reward

A huge thank you to anyone who pledges £2, you will be helping me reach my Okie Soapy ambitions so thank you! You be added to my sponsor mailing list to receive Okie Soapy news, special offers, information on new products & updates on this project.

£3 or more

£3 Reward

*NEW OVER-FUNDING PLEDGE* A huge thanks from myself for continuing to support me throughout my overfunding! If you have a Facebook page and/or twitter leave the details in the comments section after pledging & I will share these for you! Thank You!

£5 or more

£5 Reward

A personal 'Thank You' message from myself for supporting my small business. This will be posted on my blog with links to your website & social media sites if you have these. You will also be added to my sponsor mailing list to receive Okie Soapy news, special offers, information on new products & updates on this project.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

*** NEW OVER FUNDING PLEDGE *** Receive a £6 discount code via email in May 2015 - this will be valid for 6 months! A fab way to get some of the new Okie Soapy products that will be launched from this project!

£10 or more

£10 Reward

£10 gift voucher to spend on any products on the Okie Soapy website. You will also be added to my sponsor mailing list to receive Okie Soapy news, special offers, information on new products & updates on this project.

£15 or more

£15 Reward

*NEW OVER-FUNDING PLEDGE* Receive a random mix of 3 bars of soap AND a mystery product! This includes delivery to be dispatched in June 2015.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A random selection of Okie Soapy products, this will include 1st class delivery right to your door! You will also be added to my sponsor mailing list to receive Okie Soapy news, special offers, information on new products & updates on this project.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

***NEW OKIE SOAPY SPONSOR*** Become an Okie Soapy Sponsor & get your own section on my website that includes a short sentence on your business, your website & social media links. This will stay on my website for the entire life of my business. You will also receive a £5 discount voucher for my website via email.

£30 or more

6 of 6 claimed

£30 Reward

***FACEBOOK MILESTONE CELEBRATION REWARD*** Pledge £30 & get a Bath Bomb goodie box! This will include both Bath Bomb tubs AND jumbo bath bombs! Perfect to give as gifts or treat yourself! Be quick, there are only 6 available!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A bumper collection of Okie Soapy products & a £5 gift voucher to spend on the website, this includes 1st class delivery. You will also be added to my sponsor mailing list to receive Okie Soapy news, special offers, information on new products & updates on this project.

£75 or more

1 of 5 claimed

£75 Reward

*NEW OVER-FUNDING PLEDGE* Start your Christmas Shopping! Receive a mix of 4 gift sets PLUS stocking filler gifts! This includes delivery to be dispatched October 2015.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Receive a box of Okie Soapy goodies each month for 6 months from when this project is funded! Each month you will receive a variety of products, this will also include 1st class delivery. Your business name, with a links to your website & social media platforms will also be placed on my Sponsors page on the Okie Soapy Website. You will also be added to my Sponsor mailing list to receive news, special offers, product information & be kept up to date on this project

£200 or more

1 of 5 claimed

£200 Reward

Exclusive! Only 5 available! Receive the whole brand new collection of products from this project along with other Okie Soapy products and a £15 gift voucher. Your business bio, with a link to your website will also be placed on my Sponsors page as a main sponsor on the Okie Soapy Website. In addition your business will get a full write up on my blog. You will also be added to my Sponsor mailing list to receive news, special offers, product information & be kept up to date on this project.

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