The Novelty Band Needs You

The Novelty Band Needs You

The Novelty Band needs your help to make more beautifully strange music. We need to raise funds for recording, mixing and video.

£40 raised of £2,500 target 2 %
2 supporters 31 days left
This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:47pm 28th March 2018

Help two delinquents make there musical dreams run wild in the cool morning breeze. We would love if you could make a contribution, no matter how small or LARGE, to our magical musical emporium. We need funds for making our first debut/double album and as many albums as we can churn out. The money we are (hopefully) raising will go towards going into record in a studio with the famous RAB TAB the GUNN. 

We plan to release our first double album on CD within the coming months for the worlds ear-hole. However, we will continue to make as much music and video as we can afford. THE DREAM NEEDS YOU!

About us! Prior to starting our Novelty Band project we were playing with our fellow friends in 'Lady Jesus' around Glasgow and surrounding areas.  We have now decided to branch off and make music for all shapes and sizes as the Novelty Band. The dream started one springs day in an old flat in the sunny streets of Mount Florida where we reside, make and record music. 

Now! While Mrs May may need you to carry her dream of a smooth BREXIT - there are more urgent matters at hand. 

The only remedy for this war torn country is a luke warm glass of liquid jazz or funding The Novelty Band. 

If you would like to check out some of our music, current and old - see the link below: