The next chapter

by Craig heron in Wingate, England, United Kingdom

The next chapter


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Hi world Elton johns dog The book you would not believe. Trust me its all real because ive lived every second of it. What a ride.

by Craig heron in Wingate, England, United Kingdom

  • 1619645843_20210428_221105~4.jpg1619645403_20210414_181648~2.jpg1619645094_20210428_220621~2.jpgsorry, I had to get a picture of my best mate on there. Thats Dennis everybody, my dog. The others are just a couple of old memories and you have to believe me when I say I have ALOT! of those. Mind you could have been another physcotic crisis.  Ah well, I've enjoyed it. Well I think I have. OK so as brief as does my hopeful request benefit. Im a 44 year old ex chef with 28 years of service in the kitchen. Yeah yeah not another one of those bloody chef books. No youll be pleased to know as my journey to reach my 44 years has been nothing short of unbelievable.  15 years of my time served was travelling the world cooking for A list musicians, bands, Oscar winning actors, royalty, billionaires, world leaders and the very summit, Elton johns dog. Before this madness began I worked with passion and dedication to be rewarded with michelin recognition at a young age. All sounds fairly believable up until now well here's where it differs from other "chef" books. Because alongside this glitzy glamorous career I was dealing with 2 heart attacks, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, sepsis, ceptic pneumonia, comas, bipolar, twice sectioned under the mental health act, homelessness, suicide attempt,divorce and the game changer a full life changing physcotic breakdown resulting in the loss of ability to carry on as chef in any capacity. All of these hic ups i have got through and somehow kept a smile on my face. This is where hopefully you step in to help me reach the next chapter of my crazy life. During covid I was forced to shield at home for some period of time which meant not going to my new job that without doubt saved me from another attempt on my own life. Apart from my other saviour Dennis my dog I was alone and edging closer to severe depression and hopelessness until one day I picked up my pen and began writing.  Pages and pages later I realised that actually it was quite an interesting funny existence ive had and thought people would maybe like to share the journey by reading " my book" as it covers all of the subjects listed above.  This isn't a big boo hoo story of poor old me its a real life book of real issues written by a normal bloke but with a not very normal story.  Obviously for this to happen I need to get this published which of course means money of which I have very little. The funds would cover legality of naming people ive worked with and connected tales, editing, printing, advertising and distribution all of which I already have in place with the uks leading independent book publisher who are extremely eager for me to present the finished article along with, yes you've guessed £££ so they can proceed with the job of making something I never thought I could possibly do a reality. Anyway thank you so much for reading to the end its very much appreciated. If you are in a position to help in any way please donate.  You never know I could maybe give you a signed copy with authentic gravy stains.  Thanks again for your time and fingers crossed.  

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