The next Best Seller!

The next Best Seller!

Publishing the next Best Seller

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I want to take a year off to complete my seven part series of books and publish the first book.  I then hope, on the back of the success of these books to launch my own publishing company, artwork and names, websites etc have already been envisioned for.

This publishing company would be active within schools, with competions for school aged children, mentoring, development and workshops.  Really working with children to give them confidence, a positive outlet and some structure for their passion, to help develop the next great authors of a generation.

I am a struggling author with a fantastic story and a knack for telling it, if only I could now afford to spend the time finishing it! What would have happened if Stephen King or J. K. Rowling or Leo Tolstoy were too busy raising a gorgeous son, two cats and a dog and work a hard slog all week, I dread to think!

Here is an opportunity to really turn stuffy old books and unobtainable publishing deals on their head, lets all get involved!  Then when you walk past the bookstore with your mocha latte soya milk chocacinno in hand and see this book gracing the best sellers section you can say "hey, I helped do that."