The next big highstreet brand - BLACKBURD

by Maritta in London, England, United Kingdom

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I'm raising money to finish developing the brand, create higher quality clothing and also enhance it's branding and marketing.

by Maritta in London, England, United Kingdom

Inspired by the concept of timeless luxury, Blackburd began as an idea to transform the idea of what it means to be a luxurious brand. In 2017 I was tired of the large gap between the designer market and the non-designer market, Creating a brand that met customers in the middle. 

It's a unisex brand that plans to expand into perfume, swimwear and accessories. At the moment, Blackburd is in its first stage, launching the women's collections. The designs are a mix of trendy, simple, and timeless, with vintage inspiration. The brand has already garnered Interest from various people in the fashion industry which has led to online department store partnerships, concession deals in convent garden, and invitation to present at London Fashion week 2020. With the positive direction that the brand is going in, still there is so much potential that's bursting to be revealed.

Working on and directing every corner of the brand single handedly while studying a degree was a worthy experience because it not only shows what I'm capable of, but also how much I believe in the brand. After months of going solo, I started working with a few experts. My team consists of Velma my marketing specialist, Rhian who is in charge of logistics in the warehouse, and Andreas who oversees the financial aspects. My role is creative directing, photographing and designing all the clothes, as well as managing all the boring business decisions!

The money raised will be used to not only continue development, but also enhance the brand to be even better than now. Everything you see on the website and social media is only a grain of where Blackburd could be. Financing things like marketing/PR, manufacturing, the team etc. Will accelerate the growth of the brand.

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