The New Gym For All

The New Gym For All

Hello everybody - I am aiming to raise 75k to buy a gym franchise that will help all people get healthy regardless of age or medical status.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello everybody

I am Mark and i have been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years. I am now 37 and want to create my own commercial gym for the birmingham area but with a difference. I have run my own little business for older adults and for many people who have life long medical conditions.

I want to run a commercial gym but that covers not only exercise programmes for the young but these age groups that have been left behind and make it a brand that is a commercial gym with a heart in the community that brings together all ages and abilities.

I would need to buy the franchise and adapt its business plan to offer everybody the right to a fair exercise programme that includes everybody not matter what disabiliity they have in life. I believe i can do this but investing my whole life savings and hoping raising the rest through crowdfunder and the rest through investors or a bank loan.

I have won numerous awards for help in the community and sometimes you can make your dremas come true. I have the ideal background to finally open my own gym i just want someone to invest in my idea and believe in me. I can provide refrences , background knowledge and CV upon to request to back up my project.