The Nestlings - a short film

The Nestlings - a short film

The Nestlings is a short film produced and directed by Niall Conroy, £250 is needed to pay expenses for actors and crew's food and travel

We did it!

On 1st Dec 2017 we successfully raised £260 of £256 target with 16 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Extra money will go towards entering The Nestlings into Film Festivals across the world. Entering festivals can be very expensive and the more festivals it enters, the further the messages of the film will carry.

‘The Nestlings’ explores the relationship of siblings, Sam and Lucy, born 8 years apart who are home alone on a night shortly before the eldest departs for University. Sam has to deal with the paranoia of their parents potentially not coming home after a tragic event takes place near where they went for their anniversary meal that night. All whilst calmly explaining the situation to Lucy, who is old enough to understand the horrors of the world.

This film explores the themes of terrorism, sibling relationships, family and how children perceive the world

The cast and crew are working on this film for free

The crew are made up of 8 students from Staffordshire Univeristy, each hand selected based on their professionalism and talent.

Niall Conroy has written and produced the piece and will be directing and editing the film. All money is currently coming out of his pocket. Niall's previous documentary has succeeded at film festivals and is being shown at the Odeon Cinema in Bath as part of Film Bath 2017


Actor's accommodation - £80

Actor's travel - £120

Crew Travel - £45

Other - £50

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