THE NEIGHBORS - stories about life and work in UK

by Dragos Titus Mostenescu in London, England, United Kingdom

THE NEIGHBORS - stories about life and work in UK
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THE NEIGHBORS, the first attempt to bring on TV a different perspective on the topic which made the UK media headlines: immigrants.

by Dragos Titus Mostenescu in London, England, United Kingdom

Creator of Romanian series LA BLOC, Dragos Mostenescu, is raising money for a new series about the Romanian community in London.
THE NEIGHBORS - stories about life and work of immigrant community from a comical point of view.
This fundraising is created in order to get money for the pilot episode.

The pilot and the whole series is centered on the immigrant community of London, where Romanian people, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian and many more nations live together. The plot tells the story of couple of immigrant individuals and families in their daily struggle for saving money and sending it back home to relatives. We will get to learn about their ups and downs from a comical perspective, on the grounds that east europeans make “chuckle out of trouble”. All main characters live together in a share house, having bathrooms and kitchen in common use. They have to learn how to deal with each other, how to mingle with such a vast variety of nationalities, cultural references, languages.
This is the only approach of the immigrant society on a TV show / format that has ever been made. This is a mirror of the cohabitant nationalities in UK, reflecting the community as it is and in direct relationship with English people and their culture. This is about unity in diversity, about integration and assimilation.

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