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The National Independent is an exciting new online tabloid newspaper aiming to challenge the boundaries of journalism and media.

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What is The National Independent?

The National Independent is an exciting brand new online tabloid newspaper that aims to bring you news from here in the UK and abroad. The newspaper aims to bring hard hitting and investigative journalism by reaching out and exposing the stories that matter most to our readers whilst challenging the boundaries of journalism from our qualified, experienced and passionate journalists.

The National Independent plans to have a sub team of investigative journalists running concurrently with the news team. Their main objective will be to research, uncover and expose stories, which provide our readers and the public with transparency and truths about had hitting topics.

We are also forging links and planning to work collaboratively with a local University to provide an opportunity for inspiring undergraduate and postgraduate writers to showcase their work in order to foster talent and development for the future generation of journalists.

What does it feature?

The newspaper will include a wide range of features including politics, sports including main sports grass roots and women’s sports, opinions/columns, business, environment, fashion, travel, culture, lifestyle, music news and video blogs plus much more.

How it works:

The National Independent will be a fully interactive paper by using production journalism to bring the latest news not only in text but also in video format. Digitally we will be using all platforms including social media and will allow our readers to fully engage with each and every feature and allow advertisers to easily get their product, service and brand seen on a greater and wider platform.

What stands up apart from other tabloid newspapers?

You may be wondering what makes The National Independent different? What stands us apart from other tabloids in order to attract your backing and pledges? The following provides a small snapshot of what makes our title different and unique:

  1. A tabloid newspaper, which is fully digitally interactive

In an age of creative digital advancement, the use of social media has brought live instant news through to our smart phones, tablet and computer easier than what it has ever been before. Using live streams The National Independent will aim to bring breaking news as it happens and this will enable our readers to fully interact with the journalist at the heart of the story.

  1. A reduced rate card

As a business we know how hard it is for other businesses to afford advertising space. We care about your brand and your product enough to give you maximum exposure on all digital platforms with attractive and competitive prices. Therefore, to make us more approachable from other tabloids we are looking to reduce our rate card by 85% over all of our competitors thus making it more financially beneficial for businesses big or small to advertise in The National Independent.

  1. Grass roots sports

In media there is a current strong focus on bigger clubs in sport. However, The National Independent believes smaller community based grass root clubs is where sport begins and houses the next generation of our future talent and our publication will champion their stories and journey.

  1. Attention and focus to women’s sport

Women’s sport is frequently overlooked and lacks the exposure that we believe it deserves. We are passionate about creating a platform for women’s sport in general, which will foster, promote and provide a deserving spotlight to female sport, the plays and the clubs.

Finances & Funding:

In order to produce and launch The National Independent we will be focusing the achieved funding on the following key areas:

  • Employment including journalists, editors, sales executives and administrative support
  • Website build
  • PR marketing
  • Resources including business premises and technological equipment

 Therefore, your pledges and backing of our title will not only be helping to launch this exciting new tabloid newspaper but you will also be helping with the creation of new employment opportunities for those with a demonstrative passion and flair for media and news, in an otherwise currently limited job market.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in the futre.

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